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carbonized croissant

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No. It's a croissant.
Hard as a rock.
Carbon. It may be a new life form.

Friends have suggested that it is not going to decompose. It is here with us forever, along with eleven other ones.

I do like the pattern they left on the baking sheet, however.

And next time, I will find the stove instructions about how to programme the oven to come on and off automatically, and not cook all night.

mtn_hermit says:

Have you been using the kiln lately and perhaps got carried away?

Glad that blackened croissants were the only result!

13th Feb 2007, 05:37

Caine says:

Future fossils! I like the pattern on the baking sheet too. You can get a similar effect with a torch.

13th Feb 2007, 05:43

Sprocket says:

Maybe another month in the oven and it will turn into a diamond?

13th Feb 2007, 06:10

JokerXL says:

Oops, hehe

13th Feb 2007, 06:15

Dhamaka says:

I like the baking paper pattern too, and you could always consider the ... ahem.... croissant.... to be a form of Terry Pratchett Dwarf Bread

13th Feb 2007, 08:42

paintist says:

I once cooked some bread rolls that ended up like this....I nailed them to the garden wall in a pretty pattern....they did not decompose, and the birds did not eat them lol :-)

13th Feb 2007, 09:56

swamprose says:

right on. my friends.

I can try pressure (the train tracks) and make diamonds, use them as weapons (always handy) and there will be a few left over to nail on the garden wall. A full service blog.

13th Feb 2007, 10:51

Euphro says:

The pattern on the baking sheet is wonderful. It would make great giftwrap or even a wall-covering :)

13th Feb 2007, 10:59

swamprose says:

excellent suggestion Euphro. That way I don't have to attempt cleaning it.

13th Feb 2007, 11:03

OJ says:


I love the idea of the authorities investigating when they find these blackened crescents on the train tracks.

They'd be bound to blame it on Islamic terrorists. Or are Canadian authorities more rational?

I like the rusty pattern on the baking tray too.

13th Feb 2007, 11:31

factotum says:

They do look like coprolites, don't they? Yum!

13th Feb 2007, 14:31

swamprose says:

yes Facto, they do. I debated blogging it at all for that reason...

also, snow is hard enough to photograph, but now my sympathy is with photographers of black cats, dogs, black anything.

13th Feb 2007, 16:40

Gael says:

oh dear. I've had a few moments like that. And a lot of burnt pans where I wander off to multi-task and forget all about the veggies on the hob ...

13th Feb 2007, 18:54

swamprose says:

Thanks Gael. I know I am not alone. We could probably run the world, but ask us to check something every ten minutes...

14th Feb 2007, 00:21

Jigalong says:

Croissant. Arent they things that you buy in the supermarket? If you wanted to warm them up, you should probably leave them in the fridge overnight. That way when you take them out, they will be warmed upto 4c, which is alot warmer than the outside temp :).

14th Feb 2007, 08:15

Uber Spy says:

Teehhee. Good to know there are others out there, just like me. Food that's not burnt to a crisp is highly over rated anyway. Sigh! :)

14th Feb 2007, 09:19

mmmmmmmmm ;-)

14th Feb 2007, 17:32

FilbertFox says:

am i the only one who thought the top one was dog poo? Yes? oh well. sorry!

14th Feb 2007, 21:14

factotum says:

FF, no.

15th Feb 2007, 03:14

swamprose says:

FF, not at all. I knew it before I blogged them, that is why my comments begin, No. It's a croissant...:)

15th Feb 2007, 03:35

MaggieD says:

I see you follow my method ..... not so much cooking as incinerating .....

15th Feb 2007, 19:09

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