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I just had (another) one of my Emails read out on BBC radio 5!
On Mathew Bannister's programme.
It was about Valentine's day stuff.
"here's an interesting one from someone calling himself Joker . . . ."
And the girl who reads the traffic went "Aw, bless" at the end of it.
He he.
14th Feb 2007, 12:11   | tags:,,


Puddlepuff says:

What kinda cheesy thing did ya say then?

14th Feb 2007, 12:31

paddington says:

Roses are red, Violets are grey.
They are blue really.
But never mind aye?

14th Feb 2007, 12:46

Em says:

hihi! good 1!

14th Feb 2007, 15:06

540air says:

That's cool!! What time was it, as I often listen to his show, depending on the topic and knowing my luck I just missed hearing it.

14th Feb 2007, 16:50

cool ;-)

14th Feb 2007, 17:45

JokerXL says:

Was at the end of the show, what's that, midday?

This was the content of it;

"I'm an international truck driver. I'm British but have lived in Holland for the last 20 years. I spend all week away from home and my partner, on the road in the UK, only home in the weekends.
I sent my partner an Email this morning apologising for not being able to do anything for her this year as I'm away 'on the road'. I also said not to worry, in three years time Valentine's day will fall on a Saturday so I'll be home for that.
She should receive the dozen red roses and one white one I had sent to her office any time now"


14th Feb 2007, 18:00

so your not a cynic then ?

14th Feb 2007, 18:01

JokerXL says:

About a lot of things, yes SLG, but not this.
She's such a sweetie.

14th Feb 2007, 18:09

paintist says:

she is worth every petal....I am sure she loved the roses :-)

14th Feb 2007, 18:12

princess says:

I will make an photo of the roses this weekend and put it on moblog. Thank you love xxxxxxx

14th Feb 2007, 19:23

aw very sweet. all ig ot was akick int he nsoe form a kid bat work!

14th Feb 2007, 19:29

I hope she enjoys them :-)

14th Feb 2007, 19:30

Dhamaka says:


14th Feb 2007, 22:29