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My big sis, Bsc

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Maxine, my "big" sister, in Perth WA, is now officially a bachelor of science!
Well done Max!
23rd Feb 2007, 20:21   | tags:,,,


Twiglet says:

Ooooo!! Many congratulations to Maxine!

23rd Feb 2007, 20:22

She looks waaaayyyyy to young to be your big sis JXL..

23rd Feb 2007, 20:23

Sprocket says:

Ah yes, always useful to have a scientist in the family . . . and a lawyer . . . and a computer whizz cousin . . . and someone good at fixin stuff . . . and someone who knows someone who knows someone down the pub . . . and someone who understands the binary language of moisture vaporators . . . and someone . . .

oh, Congratulations btw

23rd Feb 2007, 20:35

JokerXL says:

Tnx SirFg, just-thanx.
It was her birthday last Wednesday too, she was one hundred and five!

23rd Feb 2007, 20:36

Ooo... congrats. What course did she take?

(I assume the WA refers to Western Australia and not Washington State?)

23rd Feb 2007, 20:46

Sprocket says:

One hundred and five - that's a lorra candles.

23rd Feb 2007, 20:47

JokerXL says:

A lorra-lorra candles Sprocket, yes.
And I'm far enough away for her not to be able to whack me.
She works in the "Trauma Services Team" in the Royal Perth Hospital (In Oz, RareAB, that's right)
It all goes winging way over my head I'm afraid, it's all a mystery to me what she gets up to, lots of studying, I know that much.
But "Whayhay!!" heh?
"Whayhay ya girl ye!"

23rd Feb 2007, 21:00

Euphro (NLI) says:

Pass on our congratulations!

23rd Feb 2007, 22:54

whay hay Congratulations :-)

23rd Feb 2007, 23:15

Dhamaka says:


WTG Maxine!

24th Feb 2007, 01:27

midlife says:


24th Feb 2007, 06:35

nige says:

congrats to max!

24th Feb 2007, 10:01

SWMBO says:

Hey congrats to Maxine, it must have been tough working and studying at the same time

24th Feb 2007, 18:47

FilbertFox says:

Well done that very old lady!

24th Feb 2007, 19:18

MaggieD says:

Hey, that is a major achievement ... WTG Maxine .... :)

24th Feb 2007, 19:38