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Greenpeace is committed to exposing environmental problems with creative and non-violent direct action.

Previous events:
Orang-utans swing into action to stop Dove destroying rainforests for palm oil
Flashmob at Heathrow's Terminal 5
King coal at Kingsnorth
Trident: We Don't Buy It
Weapons inspectors are shut out of Aldermaston
All the fun of the Square with iCount
Closing Didcot power station
Ban illegal timber at Admiralty Arch

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arctic sunrise is released!

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Volunteer tim on the bridge, happy to be on the ship again after it was released by the ministry of defence today. On our way to london..

Alfie says:

Good news, must have been quite an experience.

2nd Mar 2007, 18:11


2nd Mar 2007, 18:50

Viv says:

interesting how the media dumbs down all you do

2nd Mar 2007, 18:58

Alfie says:

The media have a really hard time reporting on greenpeace activity, I think because it's not clear at any one time what is and is not legal about their actions.

2nd Mar 2007, 19:08

correct me if I'm wrong but generally speaking GP keep within the law simply asserting their (collective) right to freedom of speech etc etc etc seems to me some of the issues they Highlight reveal unlawful, immoral or worse transgressions by large coporations or governments ?

2nd Mar 2007, 19:14

Viv says:

Ok so just the other week they took the govt to court for their energy policy and won - how widely was that reported?

2nd Mar 2007, 19:34

Alfie says:

GP keep within the law, but blocking ships coming in to dock is not considered lawful, hence the arrests. Greenpeace is a very stratified organisation which relies on volunteers to carry out actions, and so I think in this way avoid litigation against the organisation (in the main). Like you say Vic, it is strange they are so under-reported, I'm sure it's something the greenpeace folk might add some light on in this thread?

2nd Mar 2007, 19:41

greenpeace says:

Good question (and apologies for not coming back to this thread earlier).

The media coverage we get for any one action or event depends on a number of things, not least how sympathetic a particular newspaper is to us. We get loads of support from the Guardian and Independent, but as you might expect the Daily Mail isn't one of our fans.

We also have to rely on how well our story fits within the news agenda for the day in question. If it's a slow news day we'll do well but if not... On the Faslane action, we were overshadowed by Blair's announcement of the Star Wars project which made bigger news than the overall Trident debate which, to be honest, hasn't exactly been covered in depth by the media to date.

6th Mar 2007, 17:54

Rich says:

Oh yeah, you've got this gig coming this Thursday haven't you? Sounds really cool. Requesting pictures of Brian Eno!

6th Mar 2007, 18:16

Alfie says:

Rich, more on that event in the news section and forum tomorrow mate :)

6th Mar 2007, 18:51

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