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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Recycling is bad for your health!! (or should be titled Steph in need of a rant!)

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Attempting to move my recycle bin last night as collection day is this morning I managed to put my hips out of fucking joys!!!

My first aid box is now devoid of ALL painkillers, but hey ho at least I can walk this time so I can go get some more!!

It has only been a month since my appointment with the specialist (and the last time it went but luckily not as bad this time) and not a word yet from the physio...god bless the NHS and their waiting lists!!

(oh by the way can you tell I had a bad nights sleep. grumpy as hell this morning stay out of my way world!!)
6th Mar 2007, 08:41   | tags:,,,,

Steve says:

Tixylix always makes me smile

6th Mar 2007, 09:12

only been a month since last time... didn't anyone mention about not doing any lifting? That first aid box looks heavy...

6th Mar 2007, 09:17

James says:

No one said anything about not lifting because non of those so-called experts can actually figure out what's wrong with her, therefore they decided they 'weren't going to prioritize her' for physio because she happened to be ok on the day she saw the specialist.

Bunch of fucktards.

6th Mar 2007, 10:01

I know that situation only too well. The worst of it is that once they've decided you're low-priority it tends to stay that way. I have an appointment with a consultant surgeon next week and I'm expecting a similar outcome.

6th Mar 2007, 10:11

Dhamaka says:


((careful hugs))

6th Mar 2007, 12:07

i like your pretty new moblog!! xx

6th Mar 2007, 12:28

Euphro says:

Poor you :(

6th Mar 2007, 13:48

Essitam says:

Thanks all... I rang the hospital today to see if there was any sign of an appointment for me anytime in the near future and there isn't :-(

The physio I need to see is on holiday for 3 weeks and because she takes care off all her own waiting lists all I can do is wait until she gets back and call again, So I asked if there was anything I could do in the interim and was told they wont give advice without a consultation, So I asked how do I get a consultation, to get a consultation I have to book an appointment with MY physio!!

You know if I went on holiday without organizing adequate cover for my job I'd have hell to pay maybe I need to get a job working with the NHS!

6th Mar 2007, 17:55

MaggieD says:

That sucks :(
But yes, do like your new CSS :)

6th Mar 2007, 17:55

Essitam says:


Kerrie & Maggie: thank you.

Steve: Tixylix doesn't make me smile as its the sign of a long hard battle to get the blonde one to take his medicine...It tastes rank!!

6th Mar 2007, 17:56

When my knee was at it's worst before my surgery, the only way I could sleep was a steaming hot bath and some wine. Sometimes alot of wine. I hope they get you sorted out soon. That has to suck.

8th Mar 2007, 03:01

Essitam says:

Thanks Steve, I'm feeling better again today. Stiff but ok, I found I can sleep if I steal all the bed, all the quilt and most the pillows...

....although that's usual in this house ;-)

8th Mar 2007, 08:31