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Too-long ship!

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The "Stena Britanica" (Hoek van Holland - Harwich) has been away for a major re-fit. They cut her in half an put in a 20 meter section in the middle to lengthen her and thus boost her (freight) carrying capacity. She's just back from the German shipyard that did the work and this was her first trip since the lengthening.
Problem was that nobody thought to lengthen the pier in Harwich, the rear end of the ship now sticks out 20 meters past the last mooring point.
This appears to be just that bit too far for the feller with the coil of weighted rope to throw across to his waiting colleagues on the pier.
Bloke in suit and orange jacket makes an executive decision after an hour of failed attempts at "throw and catch" and a little tender comes alongside, retrieves the rope and ferries it over to the pier, five times!
fun to watch but it meant a three hour delay getting off the thing.
I'll be on it again tomorrow night, wonder if they've thought of anything better in the mean time.


And to think we were the iron masters and the world leaders in the industrial revolution....

13th Mar 2007, 07:49

ukmari says:

It's funny.
Is this the only pier she can use in the port?

13th Mar 2007, 08:16

Dhamaka says:



13th Mar 2007, 09:16

OJ says:

Fascinating. Highlight anyone?

13th Mar 2007, 11:16

Viv says:

enjoyed this

13th Mar 2007, 11:16

hildegard says:

Good grief. How catstrophically dim do you have to be do be a manager of one of these companies?
Nice storyboard though...

13th Mar 2007, 13:57

paintist says:

3 hours delay would do my blood pressure no good at all......great series of pics JXL

13th Mar 2007, 15:05

JokerXL says:

Cheers all, it's going to be even funnier when her sister ship the "Stena Holandica" comes back from her turn at being stretched; they're going to put a 50 meter section in her middle!

13th Mar 2007, 17:38

Caine says:

Outstanding series, Joker. A perfect illustration of not thinking something all the way through.

13th Mar 2007, 17:44

OJ says:

It is a great series. I particularly like 3 and 5.

I get the impression that the guy in 3 is on hold....

14th Mar 2007, 13:19

crickson says:

: D

14th Mar 2007, 13:22

toadrunner says:

Muppetry in Motion....

15th Mar 2007, 06:48

Trob says:

Great pics, reminds me of when I was in the Australian Merchant Navy

16th Mar 2007, 04:10

JokerXL says:

Trob, I suspect the Australian Merchant Navy
Image Hosted by
Would be a little more professional.

16th Mar 2007, 23:14

FilbertFox says:

silly moos

20th Mar 2007, 21:57