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These are random moments in the life of an indecent designer and the city she loves.

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And can we really measure
If we think we're any better
than that skyline that goes on and on
forever, on and on...."

- Less Than Jake: Is This Thing On?

Everybody in this world wants the same damned thing-
just not at the same time.

-Chris Orbach: Jane

I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering."

- Soul Coughing: Idiot Kings

I am a female, carbon based lifeform.
I am a New York City Native.
I am a Design Professional.
I take photographs.
I also sculpt, paint, create mosaics, and play with weapons.

And sometimes, I even dance about Architecture.

What I see, is what you get.

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13th Mar 2007, 19:05   | tags:,,,

Caine says:

Nifty tool, and a nice pic.

13th Mar 2007, 20:06

bronxelf says:

It actually is an exceptionally good tool.

Thanks :)

13th Mar 2007, 20:07

daz says:

chop chop chop chop chop! :)

13th Mar 2007, 20:32

Sprocket says:

what does it do?

13th Mar 2007, 22:50

bronxelf says:

Chops things. Think of it like a pogo stick with blades on the bottom.

13th Mar 2007, 22:56

Sprocket says:

so I'm presuming it chops herbs, garlic etc . . . as opposed to spuds, trees, pestering exes.

13th Mar 2007, 23:05

540air says:

I'd guess at fruit, but could be a big ouch if incorrectly used.

13th Mar 2007, 23:10

Sprocket says:

it does look a little medieval

13th Mar 2007, 23:12

bronxelf says:

I usually use it for tuna and eggs, but it will chop anything, really.

13th Mar 2007, 23:13

Sprocket says:

* goes off looking for stuff to send to B'Elf to chop *

13th Mar 2007, 23:15

540air says:

Does look clever, but I've never seen anything like it over here. Is it expensive?

13th Mar 2007, 23:15

bronxelf says:

I don't even know if anyone makes them new anymore. I occasionally see them in antique shops.

13th Mar 2007, 23:18

bronxelf says:


Ebay has one. 5 bucks.

13th Mar 2007, 23:21

540air says:

Oh sorry, I thought it was a new tool. That would probably explain why I've not come across it, it's only the last few years I've begun to notice things like this, as I've got more interested in cooking :)

13th Mar 2007, 23:22

bronxelf says:

They really are quite handy. We always had one at home. My mother I'm sure still has her black handled one.

13th Mar 2007, 23:24

540air says:

It looks a fantastic device for sure. One of my favourite tools my mother had when I was young, was a wire egg slicer.
You'd put the egg in a recessed tray then fold the top down which was about five wires I think and it used to slice your boiled egg perfectly. I think you could use it for cutting cheese too. :)

13th Mar 2007, 23:28

bronxelf says:

I have one of those, too.

13th Mar 2007, 23:31

540air says:

You do? They are excellent. Why they are no longer available is beyond me :)

13th Mar 2007, 23:33

bronxelf says:

They're totally available here. You want one?

13th Mar 2007, 23:36

540air says:

Seriously? That'd be great. :)

13th Mar 2007, 23:38

Tori says:

Oh, I think I need one of those.

14th Mar 2007, 02:04

bronxelf says:

A tuna chopper? Ebay has several for $5 and under.

14th Mar 2007, 02:06

Tori says:

Yep, I am on ebay right now :)

14th Mar 2007, 02:12

spongevid says:

they sell egg slicers in ikea! thats where ours is form after I broke the old one playing with it!!

14th Mar 2007, 10:03