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Thanks Dhamaka for a lovely morning

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Had a wonderful morning with Dhamaka, coffee, jam, a lot of jam in hair (Ickle 540), violets and a couple of policemen...........

Thanks D it was just what I needed ;-)

still sneezing though and more water pouring through front door this evening, but we have heating again!!!!!!!!!!---------------------------------

1. D's brunch

2. Empty packet of Violets ;( they were very nice D, thanks.

3. Cafe life!

4. The Cappuccino Kids draws before putting jam in her hair.

540air says:

The cappuccino kid looks very studious there indeed and I'm glad you had a good morning out :)

14th Mar 2007, 22:41

Tori says:

What flavor of jam?

14th Mar 2007, 22:58

540air says:

Not entirely sure, I think it was somewhere between strawberry and raspberry. D or SLG could clarify I'm sure, I only saw the dried in aftereffects and the pleasant smell :)

14th Mar 2007, 23:00

Tori says:

A decent jam of either of those should have left telltale seeds :)

14th Mar 2007, 23:04

540air says:

Good point, I'll have to check and see, she's asleep now, so I'll have a look in the morning :)

14th Mar 2007, 23:06

Viv says:

the concentration is wonderful

14th Mar 2007, 23:26

Viv says:

why is there water coming thro' your front door?

14th Mar 2007, 23:27

Dhamaka says:

It was lovely to see you and great to catch up (although we could have done with more time together)

nooo..... you should shoot the plumbers
and I can't believe you finished the pastiglie so quickly - we'll just have to meet again soon and get some more!

I didn't get close enough to tell what jam but she was pretty thorough with it

(edit) where are the policemen?

15th Mar 2007, 00:33

silar31 says:

Isn't "jam in the hair" kind of the definition of being a toddler? :-)

15th Mar 2007, 06:21

Dhamaka says:

Silar this was no accident. She deliberately did it and obviously loves the sensation of goey yeugh on her head

15th Mar 2007, 06:25

silar31 says:

That's what I mean - seems like at that age the stuff you want to go in their mouths ends up everywhere else, meanwhile stuff you do not want going in the mouth ends up there! :-)

15th Mar 2007, 06:30

Dhamaka says:


15th Mar 2007, 06:32

D the policemen are to follow!.

Tori the jam was sort of jelly really and I think was strawberry, cant be too sure as I never actually got any!

and yes it was a totally deliberate act :-)

15th Mar 2007, 12:33

Tori says:

Perhaps it is her way of asking if she can get her hair dyed.

15th Mar 2007, 15:51

MaggieD says:

Well, I must say I am very impressed that she drinks Cappuccino, that is very sophisticated (despite the way she choses to drink it) and like Viv, I just love the concentration in the last shot ... she has alot going for her (most of all the obvious love and support of her parents .... :)

15th Mar 2007, 20:56

midlife says:

Nice pics

16th Mar 2007, 03:30

Thanks Tori,

Maggie she's more sophisticated than I am........ have spent most of my life trying to be sophisticated.

Thanks midliofe :-)

16th Mar 2007, 20:03

Dhamaka says:

where are my policemen?

18th Mar 2007, 18:50