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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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You don't think of dark satanic mills and High Wycombe
going together, but yea this place was a mill town for
100's of years.

Use this alley as a shortcut and my lad goes down here
every morning to go to school.

This area is called Leigh St and it's another lowlife
haunt.You wouldn't think that literally a few minutes
away by car or on foot you've got million pound houses
but such is da divide in Wycombe that squalor and
wealth sit side by side.

There is plans for regeneration for the area and whether
this means gentrification I don't know. This place for
example may be getting turned into a boxing club and
gym for local youngsters.Though I've virtually had no
contact with the peeps doing this and as the Senior
Youth worker for da area this makes me wonder...

Rubbish fucking rubbish everywhere. Peeps complain
about da local kids and crime but this is da enviroment
that is around them and none of the local jumped up
politicians give a shit.

As you can see plenty of images and issues and
history which is the backdrop to this thing I'm writing.
Been working on it everyday since da start of da year.

Watch dis space.

Niiice set. Love the 1st

21st Mar 2007, 23:58

Viv says:

Keep bringing it to us Doc - too easy not to see it

all the best with the novel

22nd Mar 2007, 12:27

spongevid says:

ooooh a novel! sounds good! good luck with it!

23rd Mar 2007, 17:45

MaggieD says:

You are quite right, these are not the images you would usually associate with High Wycombe ... good luck with the book, look forward to seeing it ....

23rd Mar 2007, 17:50

Unveiled says:

... it appears that your no amateur when it comes to seeing beyond what's right in front of your eyes and you certainly have captured scenes that most people don't often stop to see ...

I very much look forward to reading the words that bring these scenes to life

23rd Mar 2007, 21:14

anonymous(Edurne) says:

What surprises me ,as a foreigner,is the amazing quantity of brick.I love it.Worker´s class stone.

24th Mar 2007, 10:44

azulcita says:

I read everything,
its very interesting
here in buenos aires a lot of places have great stories to tell,
tango everywhere,
theyre also full of garbage,
i guess is a cities sickness


26th Mar 2007, 17:15

DocD says:

Sick cities.... there's a hip hop lyric that refers to that. Thanks for da feedback so far from one and all.

26th Mar 2007, 21:38

Edurne says:

Que lindas palabras,azulcita.

31st Mar 2007, 10:51

John says:

And you'd never believe that this was the pre-Roman track of 'Green Street' connecting the Ridgeway to the Thames.

11th Jul 2007, 14:46