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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Where is da Doc now? Believe it or not just 10
minutes round da corner from my house is the
site of a 'ringwork' or small fortress that dates
back to da bronze age or something. Came over
on lunchbreak to do some writing and soak in da
spooky vibes. It is now surrounded by a copse of
trees which dominate the skyline over Green St.
Areas always been called Desborough Castle
even though theres no castle left, not even any
ruins. All you can just about find is a some traces
of a chalk path and maybe what may have been
entrances or turrets and there is a moat.
27th Mar 2007, 23:59   | tags:,

Dhamaka says:

nice shots - I especially like the light and shadows of #1
Does Kostika know of this place, I wonder..

28th Mar 2007, 04:12

kostika says:

Yep I know about it. But I've never been there.

In case you're wondering why I'd be interested, my surname is Desborough.

28th Mar 2007, 08:22

DocD says:

Interesting Kostika - have you got Northampton roots maybe?

29th Mar 2007, 00:44

kostika says:

Actually Desborough is my married name. But my husband is from Hampshire.

My Maiden name though is Shrewsbury.

29th Mar 2007, 08:30

taniwha says:

is history going to be very prominent in your novel? It's just that I'm noticing a pattern here.

30th Mar 2007, 08:58

Euphro (NLI) says:

That is all wonderfully evocative :)

30th Mar 2007, 09:33

DocD says:

Taniwha - it looks like it is. Da state of places like High Wycombe in 2007 has to be put in a historical context and I mean maybe all da way back

31st Mar 2007, 01:24

taniwha says:

I agree with you. The layout of a town or even the relationships between is only really explicable when viewed against its historical backdrop. What is a town, a workplace or even a person but an intersection of different personal histories?

31st Mar 2007, 09:17