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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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Forgive me my radio silence.
I have volleys of photos from the past two weeks I'll be sharing over the
course of the afternoon.

Or I suppose evening for most of ya.

Dealing with a bit of an issue the past few days. Not too peppy lately.
This too shall pass.

I'm glad to be home.
13th Sep 2004, 15:13  


nomad says:

hi you. welcome back.

13th Sep 2004, 16:42

Melinda says:

*tips hat*

Thanks mate!
I get a Motorola v600 sooooooon.
Then I can just send photos as they happen! Muuuuch easier!


13th Sep 2004, 18:39

=^.^= says:

Miss ya Mel!

13th Sep 2004, 19:30

is it afternoon yet???
wb melon!

14th Sep 2004, 08:22

Melinda says:

It's 10 am here!
Must be afternoon o'er there by now...

Kee-heee... melon.s.

14th Sep 2004, 14:56

Alfie says:

"This too shall pass."

or even

"Endure and persist; this pain will turn to good by and by."

nice to see ya! Seeings yas nice!

14th Sep 2004, 15:07

Evil_Tim says:

Is this the cost of Canada we are seeing?

14th Sep 2004, 17:14

Melinda says:

That is beloved Lake Ontario, as seen from the shore of Toronto's beach district.

14th Sep 2004, 21:08

Evil_Tim says:

Oh... nice but dark

15th Sep 2004, 13:19

parkylondon says:

Lovely picture. Looks like the edge of a storm ... Nice to see you're back snappin...

15th Sep 2004, 15:07

Melinda says:

Snappy snappy!
I'm about to become a whole lot snappier... Motorola v600 is now on the horizon. Only two more weeks and she's miiiiiiiiine.

15th Sep 2004, 15:36

and you are sure its a she?

15th Sep 2004, 15:51

Melinda says:

Well, it's either a she or it's gay, cause I can plug a whole lotta things into 'er and she liiiiiiikes it.

15th Sep 2004, 15:56

plug em in, baby, plug em in hard!

16th Sep 2004, 11:03