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The Story of Bottled Water

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Dairy train

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ukmari says:

This is not recent photo is it?

5th Apr 2007, 08:13

hildegard says:

It was taken on Monday; I was on a train that went past Didcot railway museum...

5th Apr 2007, 10:41

Jigalong says:

I am facinated with this photo.

I'm not sure if you could answer this one, but when did the milkman rounds die out (when fresh milk was delivered to your verandah with any container you put out)?

5th Apr 2007, 11:59

hildegard says:

Ok Jig, brace yourself - we still have milkrounds.
Not everywhere, but they do exist. They use their own glass bottles which one rinses & puts out for collection. Bottles are then sterilised & refilled. Cream, eggs & yoghourt can usually be obtained as well as milk, & some rounds deliver sacks of potatoes, veg boxes, or similar produce - my mum always used to order her xmas turkey from the milkman.
One of the country's last horsedrawn milkfloats used to deliver to us when I was a kid.
The erosion of this sensible & eco-friendly service is 100% down to supermarkets using milk as a loss leader.

5th Apr 2007, 12:52

Jigalong says:

Well this is a relevation. Makes me wonder why we dont have more of it in Australia.

When government allows big business to pollute the environment, but then says it is protecting us by having all our milk heat treated, something is definitely wrong in their priorities.

5th Apr 2007, 13:26