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Pictures makes me feel as if the nature of my alcoholism and insanity have occasionally been captured. I don't know if anyone who sees this will approve, or if they'll find it even worse than dead baby pictures.
Fascinating? Horrifying? Boring as fuck? Not that fucking is boring.
Hey... you came here. If it's just a fucking table, it's just a fucking table. If it's my mental ejaculate and it pisses you off, piss off.

Why the HELL would you want to know more?
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Just some images I've been playing around with this afternoon that go with
something I'm writing.

15th Sep 2004, 22:11  


molly says:

Oh, those are brilliant! Like a mannequin coming slowly and dreamily to life. Really beautiful.

15th Sep 2004, 22:13

slinka says:

Those are all great!
I especially love the alien-in-a-vat quality of the first one.

15th Sep 2004, 23:41

Amber says:

These are fantastic!
I love the series, and love the order -- definitely agree on the 'mannequin coming to life' bit. I'm especially fond of the way you're looking at us, in the last.

You have such pretty eyes.

15th Sep 2004, 23:43

mat says:

make me think bio-android...

that's a good thing.

nice photos, as ever :)

15th Sep 2004, 23:46

Alfie says:

"Anyone remember that movie where some guy falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life at night?"

But of course, called, obviously, 'Mannequin", that wonderful scene where he impresses her by letting his hat roll up one arm and down the other, something I've tried to do since with very limited success.

These pics are amazing Mel, did you wear a face mask and then take photos as you took it off? Wheres the writing going to be?

16th Sep 2004, 09:33

Preciousbutter says:

And who could forgot the cheesy musical score by the fabulous 'Starship' - ultimate 80's tune.... "Put your hand in my hand baby, don't ever let go..."

Inspired stuff!!

16th Sep 2004, 11:48

nomad says:

fantastic. especially lke second from the bottom-got a lovely feel to it.

16th Sep 2004, 17:02

Melinda says:

Thanks all!
I'm still working on the written bit, probably will be for a few days.

Alfie, I'll probably post it in my livejournal. I'll let you know when I do. I put a kind of facial peel mask on for it. Some stuff I bought a while back, and the first time I used it I really liked the plastic quality it gave my skin, so I've been planning on playng with it in picture.

Amber... hheee heee. *smerch*

16th Sep 2004, 17:16

kadamontaga says:


Anyone remember that movie where some guy falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life at night?

8th Jun 2008, 18:15

Dude says:

The first one looks like your whole eyeball is black. Sweet set of pics.

8th Jun 2008, 18:16