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okay. big fat north american fridge.

milk, orange juice, apples, carrots, orange peppers (on sale ,cheap these days)

top shelf has upside down maple butter, hummous, cream for risotto, bag of sprouted acorns

middle shelves: feta cheese, pesto, yoghurt, maple syrup, white bean miso, tikka masala sauce, lettuce, leftover jerk chicken, three jamaican patties, two eggplant, big tortillas for making quesadillas. vegie drawers have, guess what? vegetables.

door: butter, 8 hot sauces (favourite is cajun sunshine), ketchup, horseradish, blueberry juice, flax seed, salad dressings, different bbq sauces, tahini.

side view of fride is the typical mess of things stuck to a fridge: Che, the 'Yukon Song' from Calvin and Hobbes, the list of things to do when you are bored from mat's sister, tickets to Mano Chao in June, the Bloor Cinema schedule,phone numbers, a wedding invitation (oo next week, what do I wear?), a photo of Jane Jacobs (great writer on urban issues), list of top ten restaurants in Toronto, and just stuff.

no marmite. no stuffed animals. yet.
14th Apr 2007, 14:25   | tags:,

FilbertFox says:

what's in all the bottles and jars? And is that a draw full of cheese?

14th Apr 2007, 14:28

MaggieD says:

Wow, that is a well stocked fridge .... and a well covered fridge door :)

14th Apr 2007, 14:32

swamprose says:

hi guys. yes, a drawerful of cheese. aging. I love to cook. I love making big dinners and feeding people. I learned to cook for 50 people. I have a problem.

14th Apr 2007, 14:41

FilbertFox says:

mmmmmm cheese

14th Apr 2007, 14:44

swamprose, nli says:

yes, FF, and I am coming to the Island of Cheese, very soon. :)

14th Apr 2007, 14:47

FilbertFox says:

Stilton rocks

14th Apr 2007, 18:01

MaggieD says:

Stilton stinks .... (in the nicest possible way) ....

14th Apr 2007, 18:42

beth says:

i'd be happy with that fridge. i'm too ashamed to photograph ours, though i did stop it leaking!

14th Apr 2007, 18:51

swamprose says:

and somehow, beth, I can't believe I blogged my fridge...and that I am actually enjoying seeing what other people have in theirs. just pathetic.

14th Apr 2007, 19:03

beth says:

it'd be hard to get a good shot too as the light broke again. I am so ashamed!

14th Apr 2007, 19:12

swamprose says:

shame beth. shame. shame. shame on all of us. :)

14th Apr 2007, 19:14

MaggieD says:

It's a little window into people's lives .... (well a certain aspect of them) ..... I have vague memories of when I was in the last stages of pregnancy (with my youngest) seeing a programme on daytime TV that looked into celebreties fridges ....

14th Apr 2007, 19:21

beth says:

-takes a quick look around to check she's amongst friends-


cop a load of that!

14th Apr 2007, 19:29

beth says:

top shelf > tofu (that could probably do with throwing away) stinky cheese that's actually too pungent for anything (might be ok in a sauce) plum tomatoes, pesto

second shelf > past its best lettuce, longley farm raspberry yoghurt. pease pudding that needs chucking away. a bit of courgette, an old lemon, some mayo, some rocket and peppery salad leaves,

bottom shelf > mayo, peppers, strongbow cider (filthy bad!) garlic puree.

and in the fridge door there's some innocent smoothie, a block of cheddar, some creamed coconut, some red and green chilli and some tomato puree.

-will accept food parcels-

14th Apr 2007, 19:32

OJ says:

My eye was drawn to the cheese too......

Hmm, I wish I'd posted my fridge here instead of on my own blog too. It would make more sense. Where have you hosted the pic Beth?

Your fridge doesn't look unlike mine Beth - pesto, tofu, yoghurt.

Edit: Swamprose, I have emailed Joe about the meal when you come over. I'm planning to be there and hopefully V too.

14th Apr 2007, 19:47

beth says:

OJ - true, and we normally have some fresh ginger in there too! Pesto's just great for lazy pasta days I find.

14th Apr 2007, 20:25

hildegard says:

Manu Chao? Why does that not surprise me? ;)
Ever seen him live before?
(Edit) Keeping Marmite in the fridge is just odd...

14th Apr 2007, 20:31

Dhamaka says:

wow what great fridges you guys have

14th Apr 2007, 21:42

swamprose says:

hey BETH! dynamite. you posted here, in amongst the fridge friends. or nutcases.

pease pudding is what? peas in a pudding? yech.

is drinking cider like drinking beer? or stronger?
and yes, hildegard, manu chao. he is doing the music for Kusturica's new film, a documentary, about Maradona. lots of good connnections with him. His support for the disenfranchised of central america makes him a good guy, in my books.

15th Apr 2007, 02:13

JokerXL says:

"Pease pudding" is a posh name for "mushy peas"
Is it older than nine days Beth?
Then it's at it's best;
"Pease pudding hot, Pease pudding cold,
Pease pudding in the pot - nine days old.
Some like it hot, some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot - nine days old."

15th Apr 2007, 08:31

hildegard says:

All of the above, SR, but put him together with Radio Bemba & it's an incredible night out. There's an often unsuspected seam of pure rock lurking in the back of some of those tracks & live, it leaps out & grabs you by the spine. :)
Look out for the bass player - last time I saw Radio Bemba, it was a large, bald, very tattoo'd bloke in his 40s who looked like he'd come straight from the 80s ska scene. Played like he had too, utterly fabulous. There was also a brilliant Algerian rapper who I didn't recognise. Still trying to track those two down so I can get hold of some of their other stuff. :)

15th Apr 2007, 12:12

beth says:

joker - i couldn't possibly tell you how old it is :P

swamprose - pease pudding is kind of like mushy peas, it's made out of split lentils and it rather bizarre. a poor man's homous, very bland. (It's not somethihng you get very often, I just picked it up because i liked the can wrapper, it was straight from the 70s!)

I posted here because it's a bit more hidden like that and keeps things contained. I don't know what's american for rocket i'm afraid! I love it though.

OJ > I hosted the image on it's handy for that :) and incidentally, if you put a /examples you can view my online CV.

15th Apr 2007, 12:42

swamprose says:

H of B--looking forward to Manu Chao. Bass players are always weird, aren't they?

Beth--mushy peas? I've seen it go by on the blog, never knew what it was. The cans are truly beautiful. I googled 'rocket salad' and it is arugula. Did you know it's an aphrodisiac? Me either.

15th Apr 2007, 13:33

OJ says:

Pease pudding is not a posh name for mushy peas.

The former is made from dried pulses and the latter from fresh peas.

I've never had it out of a tin but it's gorgeous when made by slow cooking the pulses in the same water as a ham. And then of course you eat it with the ham. My mother used to do this before the advent of vegetarians at her table...

15th Apr 2007, 15:11

beth says:

i didn't know it was an aphrodisiac but i sure like it. yum

15th Apr 2007, 15:59

Joe says:

you learned to cook for 50 people?...woah. I struggle with 6 :)

15th Apr 2007, 16:02

FilbertFox says:

i made some pease pudding today! I wrapped it in filo to make a pie (no fat between filo sheets to keep it light), inspired by the pea pies we had in Malta. They were very yummy, even if i do say so myself

15th Apr 2007, 19:18

Geodyne says:

Swamprose: that's not a problem, that's a valuable skill! (I am also one who loves to cook for lots and lots of people, as anyone who came to the moblog party at my place last year can attest).

I'm loving looking in everyone's fridges, this is great. Beth, you and I are fridge soul mates!

16th Apr 2007, 14:26

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