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Ilkley Moor, Saturday

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A few of us went out to Ilkley Moor on Saturday, I realised too late my camera had been on B&W; the whole time, but I quite like the results.

It wasn't as desolate as the B&W; makes out though :)
23rd Apr 2007, 18:09   | tags:,,,,

nice series, think I like the last one best of all, and the whole lot of you are baht 'ats!

23rd Apr 2007, 18:15

Joe says:

bar t'at?....you're brave :)

23rd Apr 2007, 18:16

seaneeboy says:

Thanks p'hobo - the last one cunningly captures Mrs Eeboy nearly falling down. That happens quite a lot.

I have no idea what it means to be without ones t'at, but I assure you mines intact.

23rd Apr 2007, 18:35

Joe says:

without headwear :)

23rd Apr 2007, 18:40

seaneeboy says:

Ah, well, it was a bit warm for that. I thought it might have been, as in Bar (no) t'at (Hat).

Brill. I shall ajust my tags accordingly.

23rd Apr 2007, 18:43

Joe says:

looks like a fine day out anyhoo...I like it that they're black and white.

23rd Apr 2007, 18:44

seaneeboy says:

I liked it too - it does show off that white balance problem I was telling you about in the pub, but still, snice :)

And it was a lovely day, Jo might post some pics later in colour.

23rd Apr 2007, 19:00

Joe says:

yep, they do look a little over exposed...or the contrast is too low perhaps? (not even sure if you can change the contrast? I don't think you can on mine, at least not until after you've taken the shot)

23rd Apr 2007, 19:08

Spiderbaby says:

I have the song in my head now :)
Great shots - the B/W makes it look timeless.

23rd Apr 2007, 19:29

crickson says:

I particularly like the shot of the dry stone wall. It's just so Yorkshire!

23rd Apr 2007, 19:42

FilbertFox says:

i am in agreemnet with Crickson on this. When we were kids we always used to sing the line "Where the Dutch play football" in that song. has anyone got any idea why, cos i haven't a clue

24th Apr 2007, 21:17

Looks nice. Nothing beats a walk on a moor.

24th Apr 2007, 23:06

seaneeboy says:

FF - In rag we had loads, all starting "Where the ducks..."

So "Swim backwards" "Play football" "Go fishing" etc were all involved... I'll have to consult some old hacks on the more obscure ones...

25th Apr 2007, 09:43

it is not "bar t'at". It's Baht (without, or withaaht) 'at (Hat).

25th Apr 2007, 11:19

seaneeboy says:

Once again, I stand corrected. You funny bunch.

25th Apr 2007, 11:29

FilbertFox says:

Ducks you say. that makes a tad more sense than Dutch i suppose

25th Apr 2007, 12:19

Spiderbaby says:

Ducks, yes that makes more sense! Also I've heard '...and they've all got spots....' but not sure who they're on about.

27th Apr 2007, 16:57

lovely series

27th Apr 2007, 16:58