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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 48. Moblog Bar-B-Q .....

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Swamprose and Factotum
Have planned a UK tour,
With Moblog meets at every stage ...
What fun there is in store.

540 and SLG
Are having a Bar-B-Q,
Another opportunity
For a real Moblog fun 'do'

Mobloggers all are welcome
On 27th May,
Note it in your diaries
And be there on the day!

Thought I'd give people a reminder about the Moblog Bar-B-Q in honour of Swamprose and Factotum's visit .....For more information contact SLG or 540 ...
...clicky for SLG's post ...

swamprose says:

thanks Maggie.

and thanks so much to SLG and 540.

for once, for a meet, I can say


27th Apr 2007, 11:44

wish we could all be there, but we will be in spirit!

27th Apr 2007, 12:04

MaggieD says:

'tis a shame Hobo .....
Swamprose I am really looking forward to it!

27th Apr 2007, 12:09

paintist says:

great advert for what looks like an amazing moblog meet....looking forward to it :-)

27th Apr 2007, 12:14

paintist says:

hey that isnt someone trying to stop me getting to the champgne is it....or have I got a rival.....

27th Apr 2007, 12:15

MaggieD says:

P: That is the special champagne, reserved for S and F, but I am sure if you ask nicely .... ;-)

27th Apr 2007, 12:25

Caine says:

Fantastic, Maggie! Oh, I wish we could be there. We'll have to settle for being there in spirit. :)

27th Apr 2007, 12:28

Sprocket says:

Loving Mr 540s shirt. Can't wait for the day.

27th Apr 2007, 12:53

MaggieD says:

Thanks Caine, wish you could be there too .....

Sprocket, not quite as snazzy as the one in SLG's post ....

Oh and P, that could not be you going for the champagne, if you look closely, you are in the background chatting to me and Dhamaka ..... ;-)

27th Apr 2007, 12:59

Dhamaka says:


One day Caine, one day..

Thats me? I like it! Glamour silhouette (although I´m likely to be a lot fatter than that if this week is anything to judge)

oh, and I like the hand. Who is it holding back?

27th Apr 2007, 13:05

Geodyne says:

That means I must be the one sitting at the table between Swamprose and...Sprocket? else has hair that wild.

...which means it can't be my hand at the champagne!

27th Apr 2007, 13:18

factotum says:

and I'LL BE THERE TOO!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!

27th Apr 2007, 13:24

Sprocket says:

Geo - no I don't think that's me at the table, my hat has more fluffy edges.

Yay for Factotum being there too!!!!!!

27th Apr 2007, 14:03

Geodyne says:

Must be your hand on the champagne then, Sprocket! ;-)

And yes, YAY for Factotum being there too!

27th Apr 2007, 14:09

Sprocket says:

YAY for me getting my naughty little mitts on the bubbly.

27th Apr 2007, 14:16

540air says:

Fantastic as ever Maggie. I'll have to try and find a shirt to match the snazziness of the one you've created :)

Can't wait for the day to arrive, it's going to be fun!!!!

27th Apr 2007, 15:11

Joe says:

gonna try to be there :)

27th Apr 2007, 15:12

540air says:

Hope so, I've reserved the scooby (or the bike) a parking space so all can admire the beast ;)

27th Apr 2007, 15:19

hey fantastic maggie really looking forward to it

27th Apr 2007, 16:41

Helen says:

Me and Mum just bought our rail tickets.

27th Apr 2007, 17:13

Helen says:

P.S. I am a vegetarian.

27th Apr 2007, 17:13

Gael says:

will be thinking of you all as I have my head in the books : (

27th Apr 2007, 17:27

Helen says:

Alas. But it'll be worth it Gael.

27th Apr 2007, 17:34

MaggieD says:

It's great that so many mobloggers will be there :)

Sprocket, that might well be your hand going for the bubbly, but look carefully, there is also a restraining hand holding you back ..... and that hand belongs to a moblogger of great repute and substance .....

Hward, to be fair I think this was highlighted because it was an announcement relevant to all Mobloggers and highlighting it gives it a much wider audience (this is a Moblog tradition) ... if you look at the number of post today with Moblog on (all the T-shirt shots for example) you will see that using Moblog in your pics does not guarentee you a highlight ....

27th Apr 2007, 18:23

Geodyne says:

I didn't mention the restraining hand - there's absolutely no question that it's Nige!

27th Apr 2007, 19:15

paintist says:

I naturally assumed it was Niges hand.....but repute and substance....hmmm I could be

27th Apr 2007, 19:44

MaggieD says:

Geo and P .... just a hint of lime and everyone assumes Nige .... :)

27th Apr 2007, 20:22

Geodyne says:

Let's face it, it's a natural assumption!

Paintist - you DO have a point...! :P

27th Apr 2007, 20:42

Dhamaka says:

all this while Nige is off in Liverpool and unable to defend himself...


can I join in?

27th Apr 2007, 20:53

Geodyne says:

Be my guest babe, join in the fun!

27th Apr 2007, 21:00

MaggieD says:

OK, 'twas meant to be Nige, in Sir Galahad mode ... protecting S and F's champagne .... for once I think I have put Nige in a very positive role .... :)

27th Apr 2007, 21:03

Geodyne says:

"For once"?!

Now you're joining in, Maggie! ;-)

27th Apr 2007, 22:23

Viv says:


careful dance!

27th Apr 2007, 22:45

540air says:

Helen - No wories, we'll make sure that there's plenty of vegetarian things too :)

Hward - This post was highlighted not because it was a great pic (which it is), but because it has a relevant message to the moblogUK community. It is publicising an upcoming event, which a number of people are attending and more, who may not be aware, are welcome to, yourself included.
It wasn't because it had moblog in the picture.

Rant over, look forward to seeing everyone soon!! :)

27th Apr 2007, 23:47

swamprose says:

Will there be a stretcher to take me to the airplane the next day?


28th Apr 2007, 01:06

beth says:

aw looks like you're in for a good trip :)

28th Apr 2007, 01:17

factotum says:

You do know that Swamprose and I are both shy, retiring people who hardly ever drink champagne and hate to be photographed? Well, one of us anyways!

28th Apr 2007, 02:38

Geodyne says:

You'll be in good company I assure you, Factotum!

Oh wait, I love champagne...

28th Apr 2007, 08:52

Essitam says:

I really wish we could be there but its a logistical nightmare with travelling as neither of us drive and the blonde kid,

And I know 540 you have already said he is welcome but you try doing a 2 hour train journey and then trying to get from the station yo yours with an excitable 7 year old!!

(note to self: MUST LEARN TO DRIVE or talk James into it.)

28th Apr 2007, 10:18

Geodyne says:

It would be so good to have you there, Kozika.

28th Apr 2007, 16:29

MaggieD says:

Konnichiwa, Kozika san, I have just been looking at your blog ..... :)

28th Apr 2007, 18:18

JokerXL says:

Great stuff Maggie!
(as per)

28th Apr 2007, 19:28

MaggieD says:

Thanks Joker, shame you can't make it :(

28th Apr 2007, 19:37

yeah joker it would have been great if you and cola could have been there.... we will have another BBQ

28th Apr 2007, 19:40

I doubt SWMBO and I can make it as we only get back from Ireland the day before :(

28th Apr 2007, 20:47

MaggieD says:

SFG .... tis a great shame :(

28th Apr 2007, 21:00

540air says:

SFG - As Maggie said, a great shame :(

JXL - Next time dude!!

Essitam - We're only about a 5 minute walk fom the station, or even less if we come and get you. As for excitable 7 year olds, yep, got one of those!! If things change, just give us a shout :)

29th Apr 2007, 00:28

JEsson says:

Will be sending good thoughts for a fun day to you all. Sounds like a brilliant day ahead, just wish I could be there. Sometimes Aus is just too far away :-(

29th Apr 2007, 02:18

MaggieD says:

Thanks JEsson .... pity geography gets in the way :(

29th Apr 2007, 18:11

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