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All photos posted since 22.07.08 are taken with my 5 Megapixel Nokia N95 8GB.

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Nokia are really pushing the N95...

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There's 2 huge interactive displays in the Bull Ring in Bimringham. The 'Mobile Museum of Extinct Technology' displays various scenarios that you needn't put up with any more as you can use the N95 as your computer instead.

The displays are all about 15ft square and send a Bluetooth
message to your phone if your BT is on - for some reason the 344kb file was taking ages (over 3 mins) to send to my phone so I cancelled it.

There's also a flyer they're handing out with a bardcode on and if you take it to a local phone shop you can win an N95...although when I tried the first 3 shops I went to that were listed on the flyer knew nothing about the promo!

sal says:

loads of places seem to be doing that bluetooth stuff now. I'd be interested to see what the laws about it are. we had to make a page for pitcher and piano that was tied into a bluetooth promo, but I never heard how popular it was. though knowing projects, it probably hasn't gone live yet.

4th May 2007, 15:43

James says:

You have to say 'yes' on your phone to accept the BT message, so I can't see there being a problem legally....

It's quite a good idea, because it can only bug you when your BT is on/visible, so if you don't want messages you just leave it turned off (like I do normally - I only turned it on to get the nokia message). I know there have been BT film posters on the tube and such which beam trailers and promo content via BT to any passing phone...

Of course this is could be abused for advertising purposes. And what happens when manufacturers start making phones with always-on bluetooth that you can't turn off!?

4th May 2007, 15:47