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11th May 2007, 16:41   | tags:,,,,,,

jetblacknewmoblog says:

Nice shot Mat. You have a macro lens too?
I am going so mental having to wait for my D80 :( 14 days encounting...

11th May 2007, 17:01

mat says:

Although I do have some cheap-but-great macro adaptors for my 50mm prime (see here and here), this was taken at 200mm with my new lens. it focuses down to 42cm (I think) from the focal plane, which equates to about 15cm in front of the lens, even less from the front edge of the hood.

I ♥ my 18-200mm.

11th May 2007, 17:12

jetblacknewmoblog says:

those chrysalis shots were taken with an adaptor? incredible detail! are they the same as extension tubes?

11th May 2007, 17:19

mat says:

better than tubes, in some ways. they're magnifying lenses that screw to the front of the lens. unlike tubes, you don't lose any light, but they do flatten the dof pretty hard when it's wide open - we're talking millimetres here. If I'd been indoors (ie, no wind) with some clamps and lights and stuff, I could have got a lot closer and stopped down a bit for deeper dof.

The main reason I use lenses over tubes is have you seen the cost of Ai-D tubes?! Compared to under a tenner for a set of 52mm macro adaptors, I know which I'm buying. :)

11th May 2007, 17:27

JokerXL says:

Nice one Mat.
I have a set of macro lenses, wrong bloody size for the D80 of course.
Maybe I can part-ex them for a set that fits.

11th May 2007, 22:07

jetblacknewmoblog says:

Do you know which are the right size for a D80 JXL / Mat?
I'd love to get them at the same time as the D80 so I can get some good macro shots in Greece in July!

14th May 2007, 12:29

mat says:

it all depends on what lens you're adapting. all nikon F-mount lenses fit the same way - so anything that fits a D50 body will fit a D80 body (and an F50, for that matter). the kind of macro adaptors I'm talking about fit like lens filters, screwed onto the front of the lens itself. So I have a 52mm set which will fit my 50mm lens (which has a 52mm thread on the end), but I don't have a 72mm set that will fit my 18-200mm lens.

Seeing as they are so cheap, you could always just buy a set per-lens, but that might be overkill. Best just to get one set for whichever is your fastest lens (what with close-up photos liking lots of light n'all) and see how it goes.

14th May 2007, 13:51

jetblacknewmoblog says:

I've just had a search on WEX & Jessops and would you mind telling me what the buggers are specifically called and which category they would come under?!? I can only find extension tubes and reversing rings. Arse.
(The 18-70mm has a 67mm attachment size)

14th May 2007, 16:29

mat says:

Try this search on ebay..

14th May 2007, 16:32

jetblacknewmoblog says:

Thanks dude!

14th May 2007, 16:45

Alfie says:

btw mat - that thing in your sidebar for getting a free Mac, apparently Yann did it and once you've actually completed everything, and the amount of people necessary to get your mac or whatever have completed their side of the bargain, the system says that they havn't or something. I signed up for the wii one, but havn't done anything with it since Yann told me, probably worth getting more detail from him unless you know it's legit.

14th May 2007, 16:54

mat says:

I got a free DVD rental from Lovefilm after clicking a linky from Ben, and I stuck a link up, that's all. I'm not actually expecting anyone to (a) sign up or (b) me to ever really get anything.

Weird thing is, I don't appear to have been spammed, at all, by the referal people.

14th May 2007, 16:58

Alfie says:

That's exactly what I did - one dvd from ilovefilm, returned then cancelled so my part of the loop is contractually fulfilled, but I got cold feet after what Yann told me. I'll wait and see what happens with you and Ben then.

14th May 2007, 17:00