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Thank God
11th Mar 2004, 20:24  

Jennifer says:

Glad you are able to post again.

11th Mar 2004, 20:27

mat says:

Don't ask me how that happened. I've been cooking/eating quorn and chocolate chilli for the last hour..

I will find out what's going on. I will. It's bugging me to hell..

11th Mar 2004, 20:29

Warren says:

Mat -- I emailed this in. What the system isn't parsing (from me) is mms sends.

11th Mar 2004, 20:44

Jennifer says:

I thought you worked some mojo mat. I was just now able to get mine to work.

11th Mar 2004, 20:48

Raven Reynolds says:

Deja Vous?

12th Mar 2004, 03:54

nick says:

Smokers face more discrimination than any minority, you know.

12th Mar 2004, 06:05

Melinda says:

I'd like to hang that over my bed...

12th Mar 2004, 16:26

Jim(designerjim-at-plastichassle-dot-com) says:

make a good t-shirt too.

12th Mar 2004, 17:02

No one(none) says:

Cancer sticks allowed.

12th Mar 2004, 17:28

Caro(caroline-dot-williams-at-maine-dot-edu) says:

obesity is poised to become the number 1 cause of preventable deaths in america--so smokers can now laugh at the fat people.

12th Mar 2004, 23:30

Phillip(baxterporidge-at-aol-dot-com) says:

I used to do it. Don't do it now. May do it in the future. Don't know. Bad habit? Yes. But fun? Guess so. Don't know. At least when people speak of hackneyed writing we know it's not because of smoke. But... what do I know?

13th Mar 2004, 06:20

bob(Jackiechan-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Phillip is el stupido. Beautiful picture by the way warren.

13th Mar 2004, 22:09

Ben(johnscumbag-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

coping the image and sending to all my friends. Thanks. we have to keep the fight going. Once we cure cancer we will all be smoking again.

14th Mar 2004, 22:07

thedude says:

I should have that on my bedroom door. FUCK YOU HOUSEMATES ITS MY ROOM. HA HA HA.

8th Jun 2008, 15:38