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What a job!

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The top shot the guy is actually on the phone!
15th May 2007, 17:47  

540air says:

Wonder how good the signal was up there? ;)

15th May 2007, 17:56

you DO have to be mad to work here!

15th May 2007, 18:09

Tori says:

You've got some large birds in your area.

15th May 2007, 18:19

jas says:

strange to what lengths some people go to, to get a good signal to send images to moblog...

15th May 2007, 18:30

lol :-)

15th May 2007, 19:01

nige says:

"hello, mum! yeah it's me. listen, i'm going to be a little late for dinner..."

16th May 2007, 00:11

sslovetub says:

No salary on earth could get me up there. I don't care who was telling me that the leccy was turned off and it was safe. Muchos respect.

16th May 2007, 00:20

silar31 says:

DH thought about taking a job once when layoffs were threatened at the mill doing high tension work. I kind of plotzed. Mill work is dangerous enough - high tension work is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Fortunately the threatened layoffs didn't happen.

Great pics though!

16th May 2007, 04:25

Caine says:

Great shots! Rick's done that sort of work before. He loves being up high.

17th May 2007, 07:00

MaggieD says:

Kudos to Rick .... a worse nightmare scenario for me .... great pics SLG .....

17th May 2007, 20:48

mogden says:

thats crazy! i wonder how much they make doing that

18th May 2007, 00:59

yeh what Maggie says to Rick. Personally the height thing doesnt worry me its the voltage. 540 however feels slightly woozy just thinking about heights

18th May 2007, 09:59

Alfie says:

here is a really awesome video about a dude who does high voltage repair work. Because the electric companies lose money if they switch the power off, he's working on live cables.

18th May 2007, 10:22

OMG :o

18th May 2007, 10:25

JokerXL says:

I so wanted to do this when I was a kid.

25th May 2007, 23:44