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I have to choose one...
15th May 2007, 23:54   | tags:,,

sslovetub says:

Middle one. Other two look like they've been on the doobs.

15th May 2007, 23:57

Helen says:

I think they're baby seals...

15th May 2007, 23:58

spongevid says:

take them all!!!!!!!
or else whichever approaches you first....thats how my mum chose our old dog!

15th May 2007, 23:59

sslovetub says:

middle one also has the blackest nose
other two are a bit dithered

15th May 2007, 23:59

swamprose says:

it's not just a beauty parade.
brains and personality count.

I like them. they look like very small polar bears.

16th May 2007, 00:04

sslovetub says:

Agreed but somewhat hard to judge on those attributes given the medium..

Suppose the middle one has the most personality tho, he was the only one who bothered to pose and attempt to look at the camera!

16th May 2007, 00:07

Rich says:

the one on the right, with the spacky nose!

16th May 2007, 00:26

Helen says:

I like the great big dopey looking thing.

Middle one has the best nose (traditionally).

16th May 2007, 00:28

sslovetub says:

spacky! THat's the word I was looking for, not 'dithered'..


16th May 2007, 00:28

hildegard says:

Ask for the all black nose - then you only have to sun cream the ickle ears...


16th May 2007, 00:28

Viv says:

I want the one on the right - but I'm sure they'll all be great - what sex?

16th May 2007, 00:42

mat says:

in a few weeks, all their noses and paws will have turned completely black, and they look dozy because their eyes have only just opened. it's hard to judge personality from just one photo - if I could, I'd go and visit, but they're Far Away.

I'm tending towards middle or left at the moment - I don't have to decide until wednesday evening.

16th May 2007, 00:43

mat says:

Viv - they're all dogs. all the bitches had gone, but I wanted a dog anyway.

16th May 2007, 00:44

hildegard says:

In that case... the one on the left, no middle, right, all the puppies!

16th May 2007, 01:59

mat says:

they all look like three's on the elevation dominance test here

I've been reading lots recently. :) Dog psychology is very interesting.

Still, impossible to tell without being there. Gah..

16th May 2007, 02:01

ookiine says:

PUPPIES!!!! OMG! They're so cute!

16th May 2007, 02:18

Tori says:

I can't vote without more photos.

16th May 2007, 03:23

silar31 says:

Hehehe, were you to base a choice on this photo alone, if you were looking for higher energy, I'd say middle as he seems like an early articulator as far as curiosity and directness. The two side pups seem a bit more behind. But of course in reality you'll be depending on your reading (onya!) and the breeder's knowledge & experience to help you pick the right pup for you.

16th May 2007, 04:20

SaharaSB says:

oh bless !!! SOOOOOOO gorgeous...
they are so sweet when they so tiny and the little cute souds they make ! enjoy it ! :)

16th May 2007, 08:45

Salome NLI says:

Rich that's what I said. I think he's trying to escape.
awll teh cute!!

16th May 2007, 10:25

parabolichobo says:

poop machines...

16th May 2007, 10:41

beth says:

see. i'm bad at this as traditionally i always go for the smallest cutest one, which usually is the unhealtheist one. my gut reaction was middle though.

16th May 2007, 10:52

i want to be a cowgirl says:

They look like offspring from the LuckDragon, Falcor, in The Never Ending Story...


16th May 2007, 11:01

ViX says:

The middle one... it looks the most alert out of the 3! Obviously advanced for his age, hehe.

16th May 2007, 11:24

swamprose says:

I don't think any choice here is a mistake.

is there a name yet?
spacky? falco?

16th May 2007, 12:49

headless says:

Wow, hard call.

My (dog) gut says middle...

16th May 2007, 12:58

kozika says:

*Kawaii* =D

I am wishing that both you and a new family (puppy) can share happiness.
with love.
*Big hugs*

16th May 2007, 15:51

Salome NLI says:

The internet translator says that Japanese for 'wolf' is urufu. If you say it in a Scooby Doo voice it is a great name for a dog.

16th May 2007, 16:50

mat says:

I quite like "Yuki" (snow) or "Daisuke" (Great Helper, although I'm aware that's somewhat optimistic)

16th May 2007, 17:03

silar31 says:

Daisuke is a wonderful name for a dog! But then I wouldn't be able to say ufuru without screwing it up 50% of the time. ;)

16th May 2007, 17:10

Electric Sheep says:

Make him a MBuk moderator and call him bàn. It means white in Gaelic. :)

16th May 2007, 17:12

The Artist Formally Known As Meatstick says:

Yuki is great

16th May 2007, 17:13

Salome NLI says:

Yep, Yuki is good and you won't need to do too much explaining of it.

16th May 2007, 17:19

mat says:

I chose the middle one, in the end. The nice lady I'm buying them from said he was one of her favourites too, which is encouraging.

16th May 2007, 18:33

Helen says:

He is very good looking. I don't think you could really go wrong picking one of these three.

16th May 2007, 18:50

Rich says:

I'm now mounting a rearguard action aiming for it to be called Godzilla. Actually my ideal choice would be Mothra, but Mat's already veto'd that one. God knows why.

16th May 2007, 19:01

Helen says:


16th May 2007, 19:05

Rich says:

That's much better.

Actually, Jesus is quite a pretty name. Jesus! Heeeere jesus. Whosa good jesus?

16th May 2007, 19:11

Helen says:

Oh yeah, sorry, can't elevate him above Elvis.

16th May 2007, 19:12

The Artist Formally Known As Meatstick says:

If you are calling it Godzilla it should really be Gojira if you want to stick with the Japanese.

16th May 2007, 19:35

ladislav says:

Rich: wasn't Jesus one of the candidate names for Elvis? And Mat, Mothra is a great name.

Can we come and see him some time? :-)

16th May 2007, 20:10

wormwood pearl says:

Awwwww. If only ladislav loved me enough to get me a puppy :(

16th May 2007, 20:15

Puddlepuff says:

I would go for the white one and call him snowball.

16th May 2007, 23:29

monkeyfinger masquerading as paintist says:

get all three, superglue them together and call them cerberus.

job done.

16th May 2007, 23:33

beth says:

heh, that'd be a cute 3 headed dog.

17th May 2007, 11:37

kxyz says:

i choose middle one


17th May 2007, 17:32

crazyb says:

They are V cute, I would have chosen the middle one too he looks the "brightest". Fingers crossed he's lovely.

How's walking going to go with the RSI? :-(

18th May 2007, 22:01

JokerXL says:

Impossible choice, looks like you got three new dogs there mate!

19th May 2007, 06:29