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The reduction in rubbish collections has caused public outrage in Britain. Over 150 councils are switching from weekly to fortnightly refuse collections. Will this improve recycling rates as the government has claimed or will it result in mounting piles of rubbish, putting our health at risk?

Binwatch wants to see your bins! Are they overflowing with rubbish? Attracting local vermin? Or perhaps the new system is resulting in a greener approach to your rubbish disposal.

Send us your bin stories, photos and videos - good or bad!

’Dispatches: Bin Wars’ is on Channel 4 on Mon 24th May at 9pm

Posting to this moblog is simple, simply send an MMS containing an image or video to 07725202020 with your message and the word bin at the start of the message, then more info about your bin such as where it is located in the UK, how smelly is it, etc. Alternatively you can email your Bin pictures or video to:
and they will appear here.

You can also add detailed info about your bin by posting user comments below your picture.


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RE: bin wars

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When 15 years ago fees were introduced in Germany for bin collection,
consumers started to leave unwanted packaging behind in the supermarkets.
Not that they were allowed to (at first) but the Green Party and recycling
companies soon caught on and it got "fashionable" to recycle in that way.

"We've paid for the packaging we don't want, now you get rid of it and pay
for that".

Feels like it's getting time for the UK to turn a bit "European". Just pile
it up on your local Tesco's and Sainsbury's checkout and only take home the
stuff you want. Watch the packaging waste reducing!

Anyone up for starting a trend?

Kathy Kensche
(German living in London for 10 years)
24th May 2007, 22:12  

Denise Byrne(denisebyrne-at-btinterrnet-dot-com) says:

We recycle 90% of our household waste. Chelmsford Council provide an excellent kerbside collection. We have separate containers for garden waste, glass, tin & textiles, plastic, paper and cardboard. All provided and replaced quickly if lost. We also have a compost bin where all vegetable peelings etc. are put. There are 3 of us that live in the house and we only put about 1 bag of 'land-fill' waste a week. Chelmsford Council is certainly worth looking at for a lead on other councils from what I have seen and heard.

24th May 2007, 22:33

andi320 says:

I am a German living in the UK as well. My impression is, that the people here never cared about the idea of recycling until recently. One of the main problems seems to be, that the government and local councils are not willing to learn from other countries who introduced recycling years ago. If they are too proud or just stubborn...? I don't want to comment on that.

Recycling facilities as they are, don't seem to work properly. Just the idea of having to put tin cans, plastic bottles, glass, card board and paper in the same recycling bins or bags is shocking. Or why can plastic bottles be recycled, but plastic foils or plastic yoghurt pots (rinsed after the washing up) can't??? After all, it is the same material! Unless people are learning to separate at home, recycling will never work. I also don't understand, that glass is not separated by colour.

Looks like the EU will have to introduce far stricter rules to force this country to start recycling properly and as a whole nation.

24th May 2007, 22:52

Roger S says:

Our council (Bassetlaw) has the two bin system, emptied every fortnight. Everything recycleable goes in the blue bin. I always doubted how much is actually recycled - who is going to pay to sort it all out effectively? In spite of doubts, we are always very careful to use the system correctly because it's all there is.
When we went on holiday to Germany, it was a very different story. In the Bad Berneck area, there was a small bin for every possible recyclable material - including bio-waste. It wasn't a problem to use it. There was very little fly-tipping. What year am I referring to? Way back in 1993!
Surely we can do better than this?

24th May 2007, 23:07

Helen Sweeney(hlsweeney-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I for one am happy to be included in making a stand against supermarkets and leaving packaging behind. A friend and I talked of doing this one day and getting the local paper along to witness it! I have heard from many many people at how good Germany is at recycling even to the point of recycling evey part of a disposable nappy! I would like to stress however that there are many Brits that would like to recycle more but are held back by our local councils and the Government. I am a very dedicated recycler and even go to such lengths as to keep a separate bag of recycling in my cupboard of items that my council cannot recycle and give to my parents because their council can - CRAZY!!! Also there was a docu on recently informing us that a huge percentage of our recycling it transpires, doesn't actually get recycled at all and ends up on landfill anyway. This won't stop me recycling but COME ON BRITAIN, its not rocket science, lets SORT IT OUT!!

27th May 2007, 11:30

mrs flint says:

We recycle in Keriier district council in a town called Helston in Cornwall.It drives me crazy here.The rubbish is collected weekly,we have to have our own bins.If you do not own a bin then you have to take a chance with the seagulls who rip open the rubbish and pick at it,so the area looks a mess on bin days.As for recycling, well they collect every two weeks, but here is the fun part,half of what you put out gets put back in your bin why,well I asked the council and the contractors will not collect any plastics!! can you imagine that! i think its appaling as most of peoples rubbish that causes the main prioblems in the enviroment is plastics.

27th May 2007, 20:44

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