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The reduction in rubbish collections has caused public outrage in Britain. Over 150 councils are switching from weekly to fortnightly refuse collections. Will this improve recycling rates as the government has claimed or will it result in mounting piles of rubbish, putting our health at risk?

Binwatch wants to see your bins! Are they overflowing with rubbish? Attracting local vermin? Or perhaps the new system is resulting in a greener approach to your rubbish disposal.

Send us your bin stories, photos and videos - good or bad!

’Dispatches: Bin Wars’ is on Channel 4 on Mon 24th May at 9pm

Posting to this moblog is simple, simply send an MMS containing an image or video to 07725202020 with your message and the word bin at the start of the message, then more info about your bin such as where it is located in the UK, how smelly is it, etc. Alternatively you can email your Bin pictures or video to:
and they will appear here.

You can also add detailed info about your bin by posting user comments below your picture.


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My neighbours bin

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Hi, we are a family of five and we're all dedicated recyclers. We have one bin for regular waste and one blue bin for recycled material such as paper, card, tins and plastic bottles. Both bins are emptied fortnightly by our local council. We take all types of glass to the bottle bank at our local supermarket.

The least can be said for our next door neighbour who doesn't recycle at all. I've enclosed pictures for your viewing pleasure. Contained within their normal bin is lots of recyclable materials such as paper, tins and plastic bottles. Their blue recycling bin lies out in the street most of the time unused.

We have absolutely no objections about fortnightly collections as we manage our waste effectively. Our neighbour is quite simply a lazy individual who has no consideration for our environment.

Anyone who cannot manage their household waste effectively, obviously doesn't recycle.So I totally agree about charging people who don't recycle. Attached are pictures of the unused blue bin and the very full black bin.

24th May 2007, 22:45  

wayne hopkin says:

i work for the local council refuge collection dept in Modbury,and do gooders like you make me sick,i used to have plenty of overtime[sat and sun]i could sometimes pick up 500,but im now on a flat week and we are struggling to get by,so go and jump in the lake.David lar de dar.

24th May 2007, 23:03

540air says:

Surely there's still the same amount of rubbish to collect, it's just that it's already sorted for the dustman?

We have a wheelie bin for garden waste, a box for bottles, pink bag for plastic/cardboard and black sacks for normal rubbish.

Surely that makes the job easier?

24th May 2007, 23:15

Colin says:

Wayne .... the name says it all, girlfriend Chelsea? You plonk.

24th May 2007, 23:27

wayne hopkin says:

hi colin that is a very old fashioned name you must be getting on a bit,and at least i work,and am not afraid to give my surname,so you can go and jump in the same lake as lar de dar david,and my girlfriend is not named chelsea,its brighton and hove albion,so there,i dont expect a reply,tucked up in bed with a good book yes god bless.

24th May 2007, 23:47

540air says:

Wayne, surely everyone is entitled to an opinion? I don't agree with Colin's comment, but it'd be interesting to get the collectors point of view.

How has recycling changed the way you work? Like I said earlier, doesn't it make things easier for you?

24th May 2007, 23:50

Marty says:

Hey Wayne, you know what makes me sick? Your inability to use proper punctuation. Just stick to your field of expertise and keep emptying those bins, you have a bright career ahead of you. I'd wish you luck if you knew what to do with it.

24th May 2007, 23:58

540air says:

Come on guys, this is supposed to provoke discussion, not insults.

25th May 2007, 00:18

big WAYNE HOPKIN. says:

marty no surname,dont you insult me or any of our boys they might come arond to your gaff and pull down your corduroy kegs and bhs y fronts,and give your ass a real good slap,please give full address and postcode ps if you are gay dont big W

25th May 2007, 00:19

Alfie says:

Please refrain from any threats, taunts or otherwise anti-social behaviour on this moblog.

The moblog is currently open so that non-registered users may comment and discuss things freely, should hackles rise any further I'm afraid we would have to close the moblog to registered users only, and so you would only be accomplishing the slowing down of any debate. Please be considerate to others on this forum, or if absolutely necessary we will ban your ability to visit these pages by use of your IP address.

thank you,

moblogUK Admin.

25th May 2007, 00:23

Rich says:

Wayne: This is not a gay dating site. You probably meant to post that on Gaydar.

25th May 2007, 00:24

540air says:

Well said Alfie.

25th May 2007, 00:27

w h says:

dear 540 air,at least you have given your surname,recycled waste will not be collected by council binmen,it will be collected by companys who have payed the council a fee,so council is not collecting as often,and selling the rest,less council workers more profits,same council tax,its called recycling.

25th May 2007, 00:31

540air says:

Thanks Wayne, I hadn't realised that was how it worked. I thought it was all still collected by the councils.
I can see now why you are so unhappy about it and I hvae to admit I'd probably be the same if I were in your position.

Maybe lobbying councils to recycle their own waste, rather than selling the collections to companies that profit from it would be a good idea?

That way, recycling still gets done, but the council employees aren't put out of work.

25th May 2007, 00:40

wayne hopkin says:

sorry alfie,sorry rich,what about that big brother rubbish

25th May 2007, 00:41

no name says:

when you go to your local supermarket and put your cardboard and paper in to the recycle bins,companys who owns the bins like KAPPA [GREEN STICKER] take it away free of charge,turn it into reusable paper and sell it ,you buy it use it pit it back in the recycle bin,big money is being made from recycling,and its nothing to do with the inviroment.

25th May 2007, 01:00

Billy two rivers says:


25th May 2007, 01:05

wayne hopkin says:

im off now,sorry for the swearing,but hay its 2007,im clubbing till sat,dropped 4 gs opul ,billy you are a nutter.

25th May 2007, 01:36

trakkybottoms says:

In my opinion, which usually counts for nothing,
Food waste should be collected weekly. Last year when our two weekly refuse collection was introduced, I saw for the first time ever, maggots oozing from my bin.
The smell coming from it was horrendous due to it being left unemptied for so long through the hot summer.
Why can't we have a weekly collection in the summer months, say between May and Sep for kitchen waste, due to the putrefying contents in the bins which can cause health issues.

I'm all for recycling, but not when it means stinking bins are being left for a fortnight outside of my home in the heat attracting flies and vermin, which in turn may enter my home.

Surely that's why refuse collections were started in the first place to avoid these issues.

25th May 2007, 01:42

KT says:

Recycling and refuse where i live in London is both done inhouse by the council. as recycling rates increase there is less work for refuse - and they can move over to help the recycling crews- so both the environment improves and staff keep their jobs. a good solution!
We should all recycle as much as we can - and I'd be happy to 'pay as you throw' in future - so those that make the effort get financially rewarded and those that dont get penalised. The landfills are overflowing and we have little choice but to change our habits. Reduce, reuse, recycle - Lets try to be more like Belgium.

25th May 2007, 09:12

phonix crippin says:

i think everyone should leave wayne alone he seems harmless
up the recycling

25th May 2007, 18:45

cindy snipe says:

i live in the midlands, we have boxes for glass and paper my neighbours nicked it and put their house number on it , they make me sick

25th May 2007, 18:51

cindy snipe says:

every 2 weeks they put 2 boxes out ( 1 is mine ) and just fill it up with white cider bottles ,one day i will empty it all over there their lawn...sorry to go on bcc are sending me a new one

25th May 2007, 18:55

pheonix crippin says:

my bin men came today and left 2 greenbags.
what a mess they made , they dident take it because i left some grass cutings and a tree trunk, makes you sick i have to drag it up the bottle bank now and dump it.

25th May 2007, 19:03

Colin says:

hello snipey
if you enpty it on the lawn,you may be liable for prosicution under european law,be very carefull,why not go around the the house and ran the box with its contents down their throats,that should stop it.

25th May 2007, 19:04

bryone blackface says:

come on wayne give us a laff and a good talking point im very eager.....

25th May 2007, 19:06

cindy snipe says:

sorry colin i not voilent, im on my own and they are a very ruff family dont want my windows put threw

25th May 2007, 19:09

henrie conk says:

just call the cops my love in the midlands shall i pop round and sort it... for you

25th May 2007, 19:11

sam says:

ill beround i live nearer to you than konky...

25th May 2007, 19:15

barry conk says:

ill come dont bother with henrie hes a perv

25th May 2007, 19:16

cindy snipe says:

im in birmingham city center . would love some male.. help

25th May 2007, 19:17

Orville says:

Come on now boys and girls this in not a dating agency,im telling Alfie.

25th May 2007, 19:18

cindy snipe says:

how do they no im only 26...hes not a perv
just into recyling

25th May 2007, 19:19

philip slang says:

lets get back to recyling..for god sake

25th May 2007, 19:21

KT says:


25th May 2007, 19:22

KT says:


25th May 2007, 19:22

Lucy Jenkins says:

The best way to keep your bins clean and smelling better, and free from maggots and flies, is to use Bin Fresh. It is a daily wipe you throw on top of your rubbish in your wheelie bin. I have been using it for four weeks now and cannot believe how much better the problems with our bins have become.

27th Jun 2007, 15:42

Poppy(devildolluk-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I dont see what all the fuss is about over rubbish. I live in a family of 5, we have a fortnightly refuse collection and we struggle to put out more than half a bin full! Those that say it doesnt work obviously do not make full use fo the recycling facilities, our recycling is weekly, the whole point of the food waste bin is so that you dont have maggots in your fortnightly bin. And as for one of the comments above somewhere over it not being picked up - well im sorry you should have had it out in time, our council clearly states all refuse must be out by 7am, if it isnt then thats the households fault, the crew have been round and tried to pick up, they cant empty a bin if it hasnt been put out. And as for the digs at Wayne - the guys on the refuse crews are people too and do a damned good job, they do the job that no one ever wants to think about out, theguys arent stupid or clueless, do you know how much skill it takes to drive an RCV around the spiders web of roads in England? These guys go out in all conditions, boiling heat to torential rain to make sure rubbish is not left on the street, has anyone here been to a landfill site? not a nice place, so much thats there could be recycled! We are a wasteful nation who could be doing a lot more to help ourselves and our future grandkids

2nd Sep 2007, 19:19

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