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looks like someone didn't pay enough attention when applying the decals!
25th May 2007, 17:04  


JokerXL says:

Says a lot about the "types" that drive that kind of thing.

25th May 2007, 21:18

are you saying the driver probably can't read and therefore hasn't noticed?

25th May 2007, 21:19

JokerXL says:

Or that his brain's wired the wrong way round.
At least from one side it'll look right to him.

25th May 2007, 21:43

"At least from one side it'll look right to him." - both sides have to look right to him, because if only one side looks right, then the other side has to be wrong. I think he must have the memory of a goldfish, so that when he walks round his car in an admiring way he forgets what the other side looks like...

25th May 2007, 21:57

JokerXL says:

That'd be it. Hope he remembers the traffic light sequence and which side of the road he's supposed to be on, trivial stuff like that.

25th May 2007, 22:01

if he remembered stuff like that in pembrokeshire, he'd be on his own!

25th May 2007, 22:05

JokerXL says:


25th May 2007, 22:11

sslovetub says:

i'm confused, surely it's the decal printers' fault? There's no way the decal applier could've applied them wrongly given what he had to work with (or did i drink too much again?)

25th May 2007, 23:42

you're perfectly correct lovetub, but the car owner should at least have noticed!

25th May 2007, 23:53

and i sincerely hope you have drunk too much, it's what friday nights are for!

25th May 2007, 23:54

sslovetub says:

Agreed. Although i'd prolly say i'm of the attitude that if you're a tail enough to have such garb on your car then I don't find it too hard to believe that they likely wouldn't notice. I'm from the 'less is more' camp..
Minimalist styling is the way forward.

25th May 2007, 23:56

sslovetub says:

Also having revisited the car for a look over i've concluded it is lol and laughed long and hard at the wing on the back.

The term 'you can't polish a turd' has never seemed so apt..

25th May 2007, 23:58


25th May 2007, 23:59

You sometimes see decals that way intentionally, for the same reason it says ECILOP on the front of police cars. The RX-7 is legendary!! Lightweight, extremely fast and one of the only cars around with a rotary engine. One of the few cars out there where the wing actually does makes a difference to handling at speed. Defence over :)

26th May 2007, 12:00

if a reversed decal was on the front of the car, no problemo, this is on the side. it looks gittish.

26th May 2007, 17:58

What a twat.

that is all

27th May 2007, 18:15