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The Great 540\\'s BBQ

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We made it!
Tnx guys, it was ace seeing you all again and meeting Factotum and Swamprose.
Pity about the rain, but hey! Authentic British bank holiday garden party.


well done dude, I wish I'd just been pretending we couldn't make it!

27th May 2007, 22:13

Caine says:

Wonderful pics. I love the last shot. :)

27th May 2007, 22:13

Dhamaka says:

some lovely portraits here Joker
I'm waiting for permissions before I post the rest of mine :P

27th May 2007, 22:17

beth says:

aww lovely. i'm jealous! piano in the garden too!

27th May 2007, 23:07

Euphro says:

It was great to see you! I love the top shot - it has the qualities of a painting :)

27th May 2007, 23:11

Gael says:

yeah, the top one is special

28th May 2007, 07:45

paintist says:

It was a great surprise to see you and Cola....lovely that you could come.

These pics are great, love the top one... :-)

28th May 2007, 10:25

Geodyne says:

I do love the top shot.

As for the middle one....aaiiiee! I've lost my hand!

Simply fabukous to see you both dark horse!

28th May 2007, 14:49

Judo-Jule says:

such a shame we couldnt be there..

28th May 2007, 15:17

MaggieD says:

I was just so overwhelmed by your gift ..... I was literally speechless for at least 5 mins (and that must be a first for me) .... thank you so much .... I am not sure how I am going to proceed with this .... will be giving it a lot of thought over the next week :) and (more) big hugs for you and Cola .... will blog the 'surprise' in a bit when I have caught up with things :)

Oh yes, a lovely series of photos :)

28th May 2007, 15:32

beth says:

i want to know what the gift was!!

28th May 2007, 16:55

Viv says:

3 good cameos

28th May 2007, 23:21

anonymous says:

Fanastic shots of a great day!! :D

29th May 2007, 13:32

540air says:

^^ Oops, that was me :)

29th May 2007, 13:33

FilbertFox says:

damn and blast!!! I missed you again. I was miffed i couldn't get to the bbq anyway, then to find out i missed you as well, well that just about takes the jaffa cake

29th May 2007, 15:03

Alfie says:

Hey dude, did you get the email I sent yesterday? really need an answer asap!

31st May 2007, 10:29