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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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Big, Big THANK YOU to Joker .... :)

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1 & 2 . I just could not believe this .... Joker had put the first 50 of my cartoons into a book, but not just any book, a proper hardbacked, glossy paged book ..... I was speechless ... how do you react to something like that? .... I was just overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity ...

I now have to give serious thought to getting something like this published in order to raise funds for ELF (the Elimination of Leukeamia Fund) in memory of Alex. My reservations are that anything that is printed and published to a high standard (ie hardback and glossy) will be so very highly priced that little of the of the sale price will go to the fund .... it is also a very limited market ..... and I am not even sure that the pics and
poems warrent publishing ... they are, and always will be, my little bit of fun on a Friday ..... I would love to raise funds in this way, but I just think that something like this would probably make more money for the printers than it would for the fund ..... am I being too cynical here ? ..... I am just so grateful to Joker ... I would never had got it together myself ..... and it has certainly made me think ..... more big hugs to Joker and Cola :)

3. Paintist, bedecked in some lovely amber jewelry, and with an 'up market Waggon Wheel' :) .....

4. MF, in all his glorious hairiness :)
28th May 2007, 17:31  

monkeyfinger NLI says:

please note empty champagne glass in p's hand...

and maggie - now i know why you asked me to stay still.

see, i'm not that hairy!

28th May 2007, 17:34

Puddlepuff says:

Mag's it's lovely indeed!! And yeah it will sell, but probably just on moblog.

Put me down for one :)

28th May 2007, 17:37

Essitam says:

I'll have one as soon as they are available....see we're giving you no choice now, pre-ordering copies!

28th May 2007, 17:49

Sprocket says:

put me down for two - but you have to sign them

28th May 2007, 18:00

Dhamaka says:

Beautiful book, Maggie tribute and thoroughly deserved

You know that if there's anything I can do...

28th May 2007, 18:01

anonymous says:

the book was wonderful...the cakes delicious and come on, that is hairy......

28th May 2007, 18:01

paintist says: of course...

28th May 2007, 18:03

MaggieD says:

P :) ..... the whole point of the pic was to show the hairiness of MF, which I think it does fairly well .... it also gives a tantalising glimpse of the hidden hairiness ... note the chest hairs just poking over the T-Shirt ....

28th May 2007, 18:11

minkey says:

Can't wait to see the book :-) Yes will certainly get one as well

28th May 2007, 18:30

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks :) .... if it works out that the book is econimically viable, as far as raising funds for ELF is concerned then I will certainly go ahead ......

28th May 2007, 18:39

that is superb!

28th May 2007, 18:40

beth says:

oh gosh wow!

28th May 2007, 18:51

I'll have one.

You will have to sign it though..

28th May 2007, 18:58

Sprocket says:

great news

28th May 2007, 19:32

Spiderbaby says:

Looks like you'll be needing a good pen for all that signing! You can out me down for one too :)

I think you caught the hairiness very well ;)

28th May 2007, 22:27

Caine says:

Fabulous book and well deserved! You can put me down for two. Signed, of course. :)

28th May 2007, 23:28

swampdonkeys says:

that a wonderful gift, and well deserved x

29th May 2007, 07:47

maybe you could use lulu (clickey) to publish it, it wouldnt cost much i dont think im not sure on the detailes, :)

id buy one> :)

29th May 2007, 09:55

FilbertFox says:

What a wonderful man Joker is! He did of course have wonderful material to work with.

If you do get a book published, i will buy one for all of my siblings (that's 5) and for BB, at the very least!

29th May 2007, 11:53

540air says:

Such a fantastic thing for Joker and Cola to do. We'll have a few here too :)

29th May 2007, 13:54

taniwha says:

wow, that really is incredible.

1st Jun 2007, 14:24

swamprose says:

Again, what a neat thing for Joker and Cola to do. I think we need some here. and m_f is disappointingly non-hairy. but he does have a sherrif's badge.

1st Jun 2007, 14:45

MaggieD says:

Thanks for all your positive feedback :)
Am a bit tied up with other things at present, but I will certainly give this some serious thought. A book of Moblog cartoons dedicated to the memory of Alex (and raising funds for ELF) could be quite fitting, he had such a wonderful sense of humour and he did love the blog and was very appreciative of all the love and support he got from you guys :)

1st Jun 2007, 18:02

JokerXL says:

Told you so.

2nd Jun 2007, 21:13

mouseninja says:

i'll have one!!!! that's sooo cool!


30th Jun 2007, 19:33

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