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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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After five months of waiting I finally have an appointment to see the
physiotherapist this coming Wednesday (6th June)
1st Jun 2007, 18:58   | tags:,,,,

mat says:

woo! good luck!

I've started paying for private physio nowadays, since the overworked NHS physios couldn't figure out what to do with me in the small time they were alloted. The private one I'm seeing is a bit pricey, but it's worth it.

1st Jun 2007, 19:00

Essitam says:

Well I'll just go on Wednesday and see if they're any more helpful than the so called "specialist" I saw the beginning of Feb. Hopefully they'll figure it out without needing to hurt me too much in the process....I cant afford to go private!

1st Jun 2007, 19:03

spongevid says:

Boo! being on Wednesday means you deffo can't make it to Alton Towers anymore!
Though saying that.....I think thats a tad more important than a theme park! hope it goes well!

1st Jun 2007, 19:32

Essitam says:

Damn it,,,,in my excitement about my appointment I forgot about that!!


See you in 40 mins!!!!

1st Jun 2007, 20:03

spongevid says:

I'm only letting you off not coming as its health related!!

I may be a tad late as i have to wait til my parents leave for their weekly night out, this all depends on my mother glamming herself up which takes a long time! I predict i will be there around 9 at the latest!!!!
See you theeen!

1st Jun 2007, 20:12

540air says:

Good luck, hope all goes well :)

2nd Jun 2007, 01:48


Good luck

2nd Jun 2007, 07:26

Essitam says:

Thanks guys...I'm looking forward to getting myself all well again!!

2nd Jun 2007, 10:40

goonflower says:

At last indeed! Hope it goes well. Don't let them fob you off!

2nd Jun 2007, 20:09

FilbertFox says:

about bloody time! i am having appointmets about every 2-3 weeks, which is nowhere near enough, hope once you get going they will quickly sort you out

3rd Jun 2007, 11:43

good luck today, thinking of you!

6th Jun 2007, 10:14

Essitam says:

Thank you!!!!

6th Jun 2007, 10:16