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a little bit of a dilemma

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My union's balloting its members on strike action over pay.
I agree with their dispute - but I've been told that as a trainee, I
wouldn't be expected to strike (and it looks like I'd be away on a course
anyway when it happens).

I would be prepared to take part in a strike, so I'd vote yes - but wouldn't
really be able to. Voting yes seems a bit disingenuous, saying no would just
weaken the union's backing. Should I just abstain on the first question and
say yes on the second?
5th Jun 2007, 11:38  

Steve says:

Vote yes, you are prepared to even if you are not able too.

That's my 10p's worth :)

5th Jun 2007, 11:50

hildegard says:

No (which is to say, you say yes), you answer honestly to both. You're being asked about the principle of strike action, not the scheduling...

5th Jun 2007, 11:54

seaneeboy says:

I say you vote for what you believe in.

5th Jun 2007, 11:54

if you're in favour of the strike then vote yes to both. It doesn't matter that you wouldn't be able to strike.

5th Jun 2007, 11:58

Helen says:

One of my colleagues always votes yes to strikes, but never strikes himself. He thinks he is doing the right thing as he is enabling those who really want to strike to strike... and he supports their strike but isn't willing to lose a day's pay himself.

He does my head in.

So many arguments.

Just not worth it.

So, I think your honest answer would be yes and yes -- and you don't have to worry about feeling morally corrupt because you can't take part. Leave the moral corruption to my colleague.

(Bless 'im. He really does seem to think he's doing the right thing.)

5th Jun 2007, 17:14