He's recovered from the trauma now...
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Roo makes a new friend

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Shortly after this was taken, Roo caught his headcollar on the fence & Evil Little Grey Pony (there are only two kinds of little grey pony - "evil" & "bombproof") bit him full on the lips.
He's recovered from the trauma now...
6th Jun 2007, 14:43   | tags:,,,


minkey says:

I could say "l'amour vache" lol but it should be "cheval" :-)

6th Jun 2007, 15:27

hildegard says:

Roo's only a baby & no slouch when it comes to inappropriate behaviour - chances are, the pony was just taking the opportunity to nip back but I did feel sorry for Roo - his squeal was so outraged, poor love. ;)

6th Jun 2007, 15:46

Caine says:

In the thumbnail, this looked like a reflection shot. :) It's a lovely capture.

6th Jun 2007, 22:35

hildegard says:

They do match nicely, what with the pink splashed muzzles & all, but Roo's all Arab. He's like a massive toddler at the moment. Wants to know what's going on everywhere & hates to be left alone. :)

7th Jun 2007, 00:15

swamprose says:

nice dishy face and arab ears on Roo. can he come home with me?

7th Jun 2007, 02:51

hildegard nli says:

SR - That kind of thinking is exactly how he ended up where he is. She didn't leave the house with the intention of buying an Arab colt, but he just batted his eyelashes at her & she was done for. ;)

7th Jun 2007, 10:22

Tori says:

Handsome pair.

8th Jun 2007, 04:58

hildegard says:

Aren't they though? I do like a pony with a centre parting & Roo's just impossibly pretty. :)

8th Jun 2007, 05:09

Jigalong says:

I have to come with some hay for the horses to prick their ears forward like that:) What did you have to do.

8th Jun 2007, 09:53

hildegard says:

Don't Arab ears do that all the time? I must know only happy Arabs. ;)

8th Jun 2007, 12:54

Jigalong says:

Not the arabs horses i know. They have ears pinned back when I approach as if to say "rack off, I donty care to see you today" :)

8th Jun 2007, 13:13

hildegard says:

Then again, ears forward whilst cavorting sideways & setting off at random gallop oblivious of rider is also observed Arab behaviour.
That'll be the famous sense of fun, yes?

8th Jun 2007, 20:23