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I'm a tarot reader and hobby astrologer just about all the time I'm not grooming dogs. I've been reading for about ten years now and have a lovely website created for me by my talented web designing, show producing and ever charming Irish man. We're doing live tarot chats these days which include free one card readings for all viewers and free flowing question and answer sessions. We've also set up a forum as well as a blog on the site. Come by and check us out.

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Our dogs taking a nap at the shop. This is how they lay every single day.

These cages are right next to the groom tables so they are right beside me. When they are not hanging out in the crate, they are playing in the back with the day care dogs.
7th Jun 2007, 19:43   | tags:,,,


Viv says:

day care dogs - do they all play together?

12th Jun 2007, 17:42

lupaloo says:

Yes Viv, for the most part they do. We have a few who don't get along and some of the older dogs or little dogs get overwhelmed. We sort them out according to who gets along with who. :)

12th Jun 2007, 18:21

Viv says:

sounds really good

don't think they allow that sort of thing in the uk anymore - i had a lab who had day-care - he loved it - trouble is that he and a few others managed to escape! came to no harm fortunately

12th Jun 2007, 20:35

lupaloo says:

There are lots of doggy daycares in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Our outdoor area is pretty secure and there is always someone monitoring dogs when we have a crowd back there.

12th Jun 2007, 23:51

hildegard says:

Dog daycare is big business in the UK now, Viv. Huge great places with everything from onsite hydrotherapy to boarding kennels, via animal behaviourists & yes, grooming too.

12th Jun 2007, 23:56

lupaloo says:

I'm not surprised hildegard.

13th Jun 2007, 00:03

Viv says:

yes but do they let them mix and play together?

13th Jun 2007, 00:26

hildegard says:

Yep, same principles as Lupaloo - figure out who's a bit sketchy, who's best in a small group, who's the girt lumbering playmonsters & pen them accordingly. :)

13th Jun 2007, 00:30

Viv says:

that's really good - could do with socialising Benji a bit more whenever he has had a kennels visit he is more growly and generally teenage male!

13th Jun 2007, 00:50

hildegard says:

Petsitter? Having to leave his territory as well as not having you is extra stress, I guess. I can imagine people beating down your door to look after the pets - what with the new bathroom & all... ;)

13th Jun 2007, 01:29

Viv says:

'fraid Alan would worry about safety etc etc - me I'm much more easy going!

13th Jun 2007, 01:53