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They've stuck with the same route as last year, so I know what i'm up
against, and I've done quite a few sections of the same route recently. the
first 2/3 is relatively easy, but then you have to come within 2 miles of
the finish line and veer off for 20 miles of further punishment... the
temptation to call it a day and go for a pint is very strong at that point.


Dhamaka says:

that looks fun

8th Jun 2007, 14:28

it is an excellent route, chosen by someone who knows the area well. The three REAL killer hills are early on, so once they're out of the way you get to feelin' foolishly confident, but then there are a couple of grinds right towards the end, just for that salt-in-the-wounds effect.

8th Jun 2007, 14:33

taniwha says:

How long is it?

8th Jun 2007, 14:35

100km, or around 62 miles

8th Jun 2007, 14:36

taniwha says:

Blimey - I think that would take me around 10 hours of solid cycling.

8th Jun 2007, 14:38

last year it took me somewhere around 7 hours - but that was on my MTB with a bad back! (didn't know I had one till I got started) - also me and my mate stopped for a breather and fell asleep in a field for half an hour which didn't help. I was also a smoker then which slowed me considerably. The route is far more suited to a road bike, so I'm aiming for less than 6 hours, but to be honest I'll be satisfied just to finish!

8th Jun 2007, 14:44

taniwha says:

Well, with a bad back and smoke-clogged lungs you're a better cyclist than I am. Good luck with it.

8th Jun 2007, 14:46

since I stopped smoking almost 2 months ago my breathing has improved IMMENSELY - it's hard to believe how much easier a hillclimb is!

8th Jun 2007, 14:47

minkey says:

Good luck and hope the weather not too hot. have fun :-)

8th Jun 2007, 15:31

thanks minkey, it was a very hot day last year, which is probably what made us fall asleep! It is very well organised with plenty of water and bananas along the route.

8th Jun 2007, 15:54

minkey says:

bananas? didn't know that were u were getting energy from. Can't wait for the tour to come to London :-)

8th Jun 2007, 15:59

540air says:

Wow, good luck. 62 miles is a heck of a distance!!

8th Jun 2007, 16:03

yeah but only 50% of it is uphill...

8th Jun 2007, 16:04

taniwha says:

But on the upside, 50% is downhill?

8th Jun 2007, 16:43

in theory yes.

8th Jun 2007, 17:24

JokerXL says:

Looks like a fantastic route to ride, at a leisurely pace, take in the Welsh Coast scenery, stop for a coffee and scones on the way.
Thought not, GoGoHoBo!!

8th Jun 2007, 18:12

JXL the route passes this salubrious hostelry (linky) and last year it had just closed its doors for the afternoon as we arrived. This year I'm having a pint!

8th Jun 2007, 18:17

MaggieD says:

62 miles! .... I'll be backing you all the way from the comfort of my sofa ..... are you looking for personal sponsors, or just general sponsorship? .....

8th Jun 2007, 18:47

i haven't had time this year to sort out proper sponsorship maggie, plus haven't been at work which is quite a lucrative place for donations, but as long as macmillan make something from it I'm happy.

8th Jun 2007, 19:00

MaggieD says:

OK, will donate through their site :)
Good Luck!

8th Jun 2007, 19:03

Viv says:

smash that time man!

9th Jun 2007, 00:59

Dhamaka says:

it sounds even better
Have fun para!

9th Jun 2007, 07:07