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Welcome to Seth Lakeman's moblog... This is the place to see all the Seth pictures / videos that you guys have sent in. You can easily post to this group via the web by simply joining, and more easily keep up to date with Seth's moblog updates. Send us text, pictures and videos by SMS or MMS to: 07786201241 with the keyword seth at the start of the message, or by email to:


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Bus park Jam night - Dusseldorff

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13th Jun 2007, 15:15  

maymay says:

keels over with excitement of new pic of hero Seth.......will be back when I have composed myself

13th Jun 2007, 15:38

becky says:

Yay new pics!

Lovely mando!


13th Jun 2007, 15:42

maymay says:

Ok I'm fine now, I do believet hat is the bus in the background that we,ve been starting at for ages.........or maybe not. Its a luverely mando

13th Jun 2007, 16:00

becky says:

I suspect thats the tour bus

lets hopw the toilet brush is in it's correct place - filthy boys!

13th Jun 2007, 16:16

Cress says:

Adam: "Down in a minute, mum..!"

13th Jun 2007, 16:17

maymay says:

urgh I do hope so , boys are like that though even sexy ones

13th Jun 2007, 16:18

Cauliflower says:

Has Adam been waxing his legs??

13th Jun 2007, 16:57

babs says:

bit disappointed at lack of lederhosen, will have to make do with Adam's shorts.

I jolly well hope they took their litter home with them.

13th Jun 2007, 17:12

babs says:

another from Adam's birthday party judging by badge on t shirt .

13th Jun 2007, 17:17

babs says:

I also love the way they are totally oblivious to the fact they are about to become the victims of a traffic accident.

also if your going to busk surely it's better to do it in daylight .

I could go on ,

and may do just that, as hole in which one finds oneself has become so vast in the past several months as to cause one to barely give a f**k anymore.


13th Jun 2007, 17:24

treacle says:

*makes it to tnew home under bus.

13th Jun 2007, 17:31

treacle says:

or,......... maybe someone did buy lederhosen and they're just showing Seth and Adam how good they look in 'em.

13th Jun 2007, 17:41

treacle says:

*leaps onto passing camel (from a handily sited wall as would never be able to do from ground level) and gallops off into new riproaring adventure , which may or may not involve knobs and fabulous sound efffects.

13th Jun 2007, 17:50

treacle says:

.....and really hopes is chance to use

for first time on moblog as is a mother of a word.

13th Jun 2007, 17:53

Cheese-grater says:

Procrastinates indeed??

14th Jun 2007, 16:18

maymay says:

I like that word but do not understand why right now, who is procrastinating then? eh answer me that then.......hmm horrible day today and now its p****ng down

14th Jun 2007, 16:34

treacle says:

I kn , fa lo , is it.
ow bu us n't
*reins in camel

that's better,
a bit bouncy those camels.

which way you heading, I'm going in that direction
I hear tell of a rollicking adventure in that general area,

It's 106 miles to an adventure , we got a camel, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

gee u

14th Jun 2007, 16:38

treacle says:


14th Jun 2007, 16:39

corylus says:

*Hops on unsuspecting llama and follows after Treacle

mmmm fuzzy

14th Jun 2007, 17:38

treacle says:

*puts hand to forehead at right angles to aid fabulous adventure , the finding of .

*wonders wether to go through whole "stopping to set up camp , lighting fire from twigs , strange noises in night, running risk of llama and camel being spooked and leaving us to carry on on foot " scenario or just ride on in the dark with big torch .
*gets it out of pocket just incase.
What do yer think corylus ??

14th Jun 2007, 18:09

corylus says:


think it would be safer to carry on through the night, i'm not liking the sound of the strange rustling coming from that bush over there
and some etheral plinking carried on the lightest breeze keeps caressing my ears. how about we follow said sweet music and hope it doesn't end in our timely demise?

14th Jun 2007, 18:31

treacle says:

*also hears rustling in bush .
*can't quite make out
who's bush rustling is eminating from as darkness falls.
*moves on

*sees low rolling hills on horizon .

also hears what corylus said up there.
we're heading for t'wolds and bandit country. we must follow the music and hope for a jolly good time before untimely demise.
who knows what danger lies ahead.

14th Jun 2007, 19:39

treacle says:

*reads corylus' comment more carefully and wonders if demise will be timely or untimely

*worries slightly at whole "demise" reference, timely or otherwise.

14th Jun 2007, 20:06

maymay says:

I have just discovrerd that Gregory is a thats me done for the day

14th Jun 2007, 20:48

treacle says:

a giraffe you say,?
well then for heavens sake why don't you mount up and join us on our riproaring (hopefully ) adventure.

14th Jun 2007, 21:19

Cress says:

Will there be caramel llamas?

14th Jun 2007, 22:59

corylus says:

oh yes please! i heard they are very tasty, if not a bit chewy

14th Jun 2007, 23:18

treacle says:

we could make a tent out of the wrapper

14th Jun 2007, 23:25

maymay says:

Stopped into B & Q on the way in to work and have now obtained a step ladder in order to climb onto the giraffe and join in adventure.........wait for me.......

15th Jun 2007, 09:04

treacle says:


15th Jun 2007, 13:02

maymay says:

giraffes are so slow........on reflection maybe a horse would've been better!. OK am now here!

15th Jun 2007, 14:19

treacle says:

*slows to gentle lollop
glad you could make it.

I see smoke rising the east ,we must be on our guard ,they do say as how strangers live in these strange parts ,practising their dark arts strangely.
or it could be somebody left the grill on.
*spurs camel on,
hi ho neville
for that is his name.

15th Jun 2007, 14:33

maymay says:

neville is avery fine name for a camel....on we go on & on seeking a dark haired minstrel preferably with his own transport as we may well be saddle sore...........canI say that?

15th Jun 2007, 15:53

maymay says:

......taps foot la la.........whistles, checks watch, waters giraffe.....

15th Jun 2007, 16:46

treacle says:

in answer to first question,
you can say whatever you jolly well like here

.although , the ones on high
"the all seeing ones" would no doubt punish and use the power they keep in the little boxes next to their names if it got a bit too naughty. and a swift and appropriate punishment would no doubt ensue, remember .

"In blog no one can hear you scream."

*wonders why maymay is standing on step ladder pouring water on giraffe from watering can.'
*thinks, could be alternative to hosepipe for cunning plan in summer.
*gets well thumbed re enactment note book and pencil out of pocket and jots things down.

*secret things
*looks shifty

15th Jun 2007, 17:05

corylus says:

all seeing ones?

*looks shiftily at sky and random rustly bush

15th Jun 2007, 17:21

treacle says:

*rummages in bush to find sorce of rustling
well i never !!

15th Jun 2007, 17:51

corylus says:

what is it Treacle?

15th Jun 2007, 18:48

treacle says:

, it's a twix wrapper. goodness only knows how it got there.
*adjusts self and carries on.

15th Jun 2007, 20:51

corylus says:

Twix wrapper ay? hmmmmm
perhaps it's an integral clue to some mysterious happenings on what will be our riproaring adventure....

oh how the plot thickens

but then again it might just be the kingsize I had earlier o_O

15th Jun 2007, 21:20

corylus says:

*leaps back onto llama

hey-up Sandra!

15th Jun 2007, 21:22

maymay says:

there you are, blimey me & thegiraffe have been every which way, did you eat my twix?

15th Jun 2007, 21:22

corylus says:

*puts hand up to shield eyes of sunny glare and increase optical capacity; as has seen treacle do so

I see yonder smoke you were on about's seems to have a distictly sausagey aroma. what devilry is this? be there some strange creatures practising the ancient art of black (slightly charred) sausage magick?

I say we go investigate!

15th Jun 2007, 21:29

corylus says:

*gallops off (or llama equivilent) to the East...

15th Jun 2007, 21:32

treacle says:

*whips up a quick salad and summer pudding from ingredients in pocket incase we encounter sausage burning ritual and doesn't want to appear empty handed as would be deemed rude .

*follows corylus
finishing off maymay's twix

15th Jun 2007, 22:33

Coryuls says:

*slows to canter

the sausage smell is getting stronger, I think they may be Cumberland

16th Jun 2007, 10:45

maymay says:

hmmmmnice and substantial I like a jumbo gloucester sausage myself

16th Jun 2007, 13:28

Cress says:

I just can't keep up these days :( But here, I brought you a caramel llama.

16th Jun 2007, 13:38

treacle says:

*is impressed with team's superior knowledge of sausages,
*makes mental note to have sausage tasting competion at soonest opportunity.
* also makes note that competion will include use of blindfold.
oh yes.

17th Jun 2007, 08:50

maymay says:

ooooooo h yes please its strange how thevery mention of the word blindfold rocks my world! am I strange do you think?

17th Jun 2007, 12:40

treacle says:

strange ??
why of course.
Why else would you be hear ??

17th Jun 2007, 13:54

Emma says:

Sorry I'm late but these alpacas are a bugger to mount and they keep stopping to nibble bushes.

I heard there was going to be a sausage tasting cometition so I've brought my chipolatas. Could only get miniature ones though but after looking at Italian pics, thinks this is probably a good thing.

17th Jun 2007, 14:43

treacle says:

*is just a little worried at Emma's keeness to mount alpaca and very worried at bush nibbling tendency of alpaca.

well done for presence of mind to bring own sausage .was actually hoping to sample sausages encountered on riproaring adventure. But chipolatas will come in handy in case of emergency.

17th Jun 2007, 17:48

treacle says:

*has little sleep while excitement from beverleee dies down.

18th Jun 2007, 18:15

Emma says:

Is slightly shocked at Treacle's keeness to sample the sausages of strangers but remembers she packed oatcakes in saddlebags.

18th Jun 2007, 23:04

treacle says:

*wakes up from little sleep .
*looks up
blimey, it was a good night .
*sees all pics.
(*pretends shock as obviously posted and already knows of their exsistance, but tries to add dramatic impact )
Never turn down a sausage from a stranger Emma, it could be the sausage of a lifetime.

19th Jun 2007, 14:12

treacle says:

was going to add comment about oatcake also but stupid keyboard did that thing again, when slightest touch sets it off.


19th Jun 2007, 14:14

Emma says:


"now I've haaad the sausage of my lihiife..."

Nah- doesn't fit in and pork just sounds rude.

19th Jun 2007, 18:30

treacle says:

*looks a round for neville and leaps onto his back, well, when i say leaps ,actually means ,shins up one leg and sort of scrambles over bumpy bits.
*turns on sat nav located between neville's ears.

*looks like rain.
*gets brolly out of pocket just incase.
*sets of in the general direction of just to the right .

19th Jun 2007, 22:10

Emma says:

Starts kicking the alpaca in the hope we can get into second gear before Treacle turns the corner and is lost to view.

(no animals were harmed in the amking of this surreal adventure)

20th Jun 2007, 00:31

babs says:

*looks over shoulder and sees Emma trotting along



*turns corner

*hears music too.

20th Jun 2007, 12:54

Emma says:

Yay! carnival.

Wonder if there will be a fat man in a red coat and a man spinning plates on poles? That's always good for a laugh.

20th Jun 2007, 17:48