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The husband got his ink on last night. They wouldn't let me take video or
use a flash, but I did get a few shots. More to come on his moblog...
17th Jun 2007, 16:16   | tags:,


brit says:

i hope they used sterile tehnique!

22nd Jun 2007, 02:02

baronshubby says:

It was all really sterile and everything was brand new. He even opened the packages in front of us.

22nd Jun 2007, 16:40

cocofrida05 says:

but did he open the package in front of you pulling it towards him never keep his eyes off his sterile field and never cross his sterile field with his hands or anything, never put his hands below his waist, once a hand touched your skin it wasnt sterile anymore

23rd Jun 2007, 03:43

cocofrida05 says:

aaaannnndddd with sterile gloving you must open the first flap farthest away from you then the close one, fold them out, pull the tabs away to reveal the gloves then take your left hand pinch up the inside of the right glove a bit slide your right hand into the glove being sure yoru stomach doesnt hit the paper or yor hand doesnt hit the paper slide your right hand into the glove and pull back with the left hand take your right hand hitchike the thumb slide your 4 fingers into the flap the fold of the glove makes and insert your left hand. did he do that???

23rd Jun 2007, 03:49

Slowly step away from the coffee, cocofrida! Seriously though, he was extremely careful. The eyes of El Baron were upon him, after all!

26th Jun 2007, 02:59