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sleepy lemmy

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after his first trip to the vet. he's generally OK, but I've got to give him some ear drops for a bit, just to be sure. He took the injections very well, but really didn't like the ear exam. Got a bunch of free "hooray for your new puppy" stuff though, including a big bag of Hill's Science Puppy Food.
28th Jun 2007, 15:53   | tags:,,

Salome NLI says:

I really like Hill's Science Plan stuff. Neela gets their wanky middle class Natures Best one and it really agrees with her.
Vomity cat that I used to live with got science plan to, and it was the only thing she didn't throw up.

28th Jun 2007, 16:04

hildegard says:

Poor wee chap - the injections do tend to knock them slightly for six.
Still, not like they're slow to rally. ;)

28th Jun 2007, 23:10

ookiine says:

The shots usually put the dogs to sleep for a bit afterwards and makes them a bit itching sometimes.

28th Jun 2007, 23:33

silar31 says:

Er - I don't want to start dog food wars here or anything, and perhaps it's different there - but I have a strong dislike for Science Diet. It's absolutely LOADED with chemical preservatives - and both of my dogs have medical issues that make chemicals bad. A while back a friend in the UK asked me to do some research and see of I couldn't find a UK equivalent to Wellness (organic and human-grade ingredients, few or no chemicals, made all in the UK), which is what I feed my crew. I found that Arden Grange ( is probably the best equivalent. Of course, YMMV, some dogs do just fine on Science Diet, I've just had a few bad experiences with it.

29th Jun 2007, 03:35

silar31 says:

Oh, and as Ookiine said, the shots will make him a bit sleepy, maybe for another day as well. It's quite an adjustment for such a wee pup's immune system to make.

29th Jun 2007, 03:37

Electric Sheep says:

Mat, it has been roughly 6 days since you last posted a pic of Lemmy.

I. Demand. An. Update!

4th Jul 2007, 11:17

Puddlepuff says:

Yeah,.. is Lemmy still working according to manual?

4th Jul 2007, 11:49

mat says:

all is well. taking photos isn't that easy, as he'll just come and mouth the camera straight away if he's awake. I'll put some more up in a mo.

4th Jul 2007, 11:56

Puddlepuff says:

Well,.. we dont get enough dental dog pictures anyway,.. so let him chew away!!

4th Jul 2007, 12:08

mat says:

He's already killed my video camera (bit the screen and now it's bust), I really can't afford him to break my phone too! He hasn't met my Nikon yet, with it's big scary glassware on the front, but I can afford that eating even less.

4th Jul 2007, 12:12

Puddlepuff says:

Yeah, better keep the Nikon far far away then.

4th Jul 2007, 12:14