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Leeds - Liverpool Canal Bike Challenge 2007 Day 1

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Part 1.
In the beginning. Dave's dad pick us up in his fantastic white van.
After cycling 30 miles we had lunch in Skipton. By this time I had fallen off once.
We got a bit muddy

Spiderbaby says:

Yay! You did it! Very well done to you and BaggieBoy. How long do you reckon it'll take you to dry out???

1st Jul 2007, 21:09

Viv says:

You chose a good place to eat - should have thought - if I'd known you were planning lunch in Skipton........!

Well done

1st Jul 2007, 21:13

paintist says:

yay! a good lunch should see you right ..... well done:-)

1st Jul 2007, 21:58

factotum says:

good to see at least a little bit of blue sky in the photos!! Congratulations!

1st Jul 2007, 22:08

swamprose says:

been waiting to hear. total kudos to you both. rest easy on the laurels.
formidable, no?

1st Jul 2007, 22:17

alicat9 says:

FF - you have a very dirty mind, i mean bike ;)

1st Jul 2007, 22:55

FilbertFox says:

Ah buy did we complete it.......or did we wimp out at Skipton like a couple of the others did?

Watch this space.................

1st Jul 2007, 22:56

Sprocket says:

Woo Hoo! Nothing like a spot of mud in yer spokes.

1st Jul 2007, 22:57

minkey says:

Congratulations :-) Mud bath supposed to be good for you

1st Jul 2007, 23:07

FilbertFox says:

Alicat9 - my bike is now shiny clean, as for my mind i think there is no hope

1st Jul 2007, 23:07

Viv says:

no change there then

1st Jul 2007, 23:23

MaggieD says:

Yay, and it doesn't really matter if you wimped out or not ..... and I agree that it would take a lot more than a good hose down to clean out your mind :)

1st Jul 2007, 23:41

JokerXL says:

She's off!

2nd Jul 2007, 07:24

alicat9 says:

Hurray for dirty minds, clean bikes, and more exercise than I've done in the last couple of weeks - I salute you Foxy Lady

2nd Jul 2007, 11:15

Rachel says:

Hi, I'm probably being stupid here, but how can you read the rest of this blog? I am considering doing the Leeds to Liverpool cycle in the next few months so it would be great to read about how you got on!

7th Apr 2011, 12:43

Roy says:

@Rachel: Me too... which way are you going?

7th Apr 2011, 21:04

Angie Muskin(angelamuskin-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hi ya! We're doing this trip. Did you stay over and could you tell me where we can find overnite accommodation?

26th Jan 2012, 20:49

Viv says:

lefthand side near top older newer options

26th Jan 2012, 21:43

Ryan says:

I am going to be doing the leeds-liverpool canal in June of this year. However, I fly back from holiday the day before and land quite late that night. Is is advisable that I do the canal or should I back out of doing it?

21st Feb 2012, 18:43

mike lagauski(tyfg-at-talktalk-dot-net) says:

shut the fuck up you panzies

19th Mar 2012, 19:56