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"Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" Obi-Wan Kenobi
Thanks for starting this Nige, I was really stuck for something to do in all that spare time I've got these days.
365 days? that's a whole year, right?
OK, let's see how it goes.
For anyone reading this who's not sure what it's about;
Our good (and slightly twisted) friend Nige has thought up another cracker.
Start a new blog and post a self portrait every day for the next 12 months. That's 365 posts, one a day, every day, without fail, of the same subject. Simple? yeah, right.
These other eejits are doin'it too! Join us!
My defective ear
365 Degrees of Kyoob
My left ear
Whose shoes
Slice of life
See me

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This is the daftest thing I've seen so far on MoblogUK.
A self portrait every-day-for-a-whole-flipping-year!!
Without fail??
4th Jul 2007, 21:38   | tags:,


EverydayGirl says:


4th Jul 2007, 21:40

taniwha says:

action man takes action photo

4th Jul 2007, 22:02

Kostika says:


4th Jul 2007, 22:17

swamprose says:

photographer in action. (he also rips out bathroom walls)

so, I am concerned about the bellygraph. It is getting way down there. hoping bellies are part of the dailyme. :)

4th Jul 2007, 22:25

JokerXL says:

There will be at least one belly-shot SR, yes, I promise that.
In 365 days I'll be running out of body parts.

4th Jul 2007, 22:37

swamprose says:

well, I am ready for it.:)

4th Jul 2007, 22:52

nige says:

joker, what are you up to, ya daft get?!?! a portrait every day? mad, i tells ya. mad.

glad you're in, man. now who else is there?

4th Jul 2007, 23:05

swamprose says:

if I did it all I would get is nige telling me it's out of focus.

4th Jul 2007, 23:06

nige says:

and remember to tag yer pics with "dailyme"

4th Jul 2007, 23:07

WhoseShoes says:


Joined the clan then ?

4th Jul 2007, 23:09

kyoob says:

woohoo, this club is getting some moblog celebrities!

4th Jul 2007, 23:20

nige says:

and you'd have to love me for it, swamprose. i would oblige you :)

4th Jul 2007, 23:28

Dhamaka says:


5th Jul 2007, 00:00

factotum says:

OMG, now there are SEVEN of you, that means 2555 intelligent comments that the rest of us will have to come up with in the next year!
I do like all the patterns of bricks and stones in the background of this photograph!

5th Jul 2007, 02:45

paintist says:

WTG!!!!! looking forward to this lol

5th Jul 2007, 08:28

Dhamaka says:

Facto - you could just adopt my comment style and write yay! whenever you see something you like...

5th Jul 2007, 09:23

very nice brickwork there

5th Jul 2007, 09:31

seaneeboy says:


5th Jul 2007, 10:26

JokerXL says:

This was taken in Pamplona, I was bracing myself for a big hit.
(not really, "de Grote Kerk", Arnhem)

5th Jul 2007, 11:32

JokerXL says:

Your photo Boet, tnx for the lend.

5th Jul 2007, 13:56

Everyday for a year?

A whole year?


Should I?

6th Jul 2007, 17:47

mr.nige says:

thats a no-brainer SFG. of course you should!

6th Jul 2007, 17:54

JokerXL says:

Certainly Sir FG.
Right up you street.
Unless, of course, you're fritt!

6th Jul 2007, 18:58

I hardly get time to blog at all so how will I get time to do this?

Who really wants to see me every day?

7th Jul 2007, 13:08

is that a brolly stored in the tiny side pocket of your bag?!?

7th Jul 2007, 13:17

JokerXL says:

We do!
Send them direct from your phone, takes but a minute.
Join us, join us, join us.

7th Jul 2007, 13:18

Beginning to sound like a scene from 'the Wicker Man'

One of us!
One of us!
One of us!

7th Jul 2007, 16:32

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