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it's arrived!

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i've been waiting, and now it is here. the daddy has arrived.
5th Jul 2007, 16:52   | tags:,,

Dhamaka says:


5th Jul 2007, 17:17

nige says:

hopefully i will.

5th Jul 2007, 17:18

harimanjaro says:

Ooh, exciting. I've been holding out for a Sigma DP1 but I'm beginning to doubt it will ever appear. Looking forward to seeing the results you get with this.

5th Jul 2007, 17:51

nige says:

i had a good look at the DP1. i think it will turn up quite soon, and the spec looks pretty good too, especially that foveon sensor. i decided on this because i don't even think the two will be comparable on price. the DP-1 will be a £500-£600+ camera, no doubt. looks good though.

5th Jul 2007, 17:56

harimanjaro says:

Yeah, I'm trying not to think about the price...

5th Jul 2007, 18:04

Ooooo sweeeeet!!!

5th Jul 2007, 18:44

JokerXL says:

Oh my wotsits!
Does this mean things are going to get even bettah here abouts?
You gotta lotta livin'up to do my friend!
*Sits back and enjoys the show*

5th Jul 2007, 20:47

nige says:

hehehe. i'm stoked that i have it.

5th Jul 2007, 21:07

FilbertFox says:

can i have it please?

5th Jul 2007, 21:12

like i said, looks like a cheap disposable to me mate.... ;)

how wrong i was. Grrr Digital!

5th Jul 2007, 21:15

nige says:

foxy, let me have a go first, and perhaps later on...

hype, yeah yeah. where's the rainbow, man?

5th Jul 2007, 21:31

chill winston! just having a look around man, updating shortly!

5th Jul 2007, 21:34

nige says:

alright. i'll be patient.

5th Jul 2007, 21:40

swamprose says:

more flexibility? between you and mandy, colour me green.

6th Jul 2007, 00:30

Caine says:

Oooooooh, nice nice nice! *jealous

6th Jul 2007, 01:10

nige says:

haven't taken it out for a proper test run as of yet, but the action on this baby is smoooooooth...

6th Jul 2007, 09:59

Caine says:

I expect many smoooooooooth pics then. Get to it.

6th Jul 2007, 10:07

they certainly haven't wasted any of the budget on making it look flashy - haven't used Ricoh since the old analogue days - the KR10 was one of my favourite SLRs - enjoy!

10th Jul 2007, 10:23

chocolate says:

can't wait to see future achievements with this new daddy!

10th Jul 2007, 13:49