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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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We won the battle.......But lost the war!!

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I am sad

We fought to the last and all we've managed to achieve is to convince the
school adjudicator that this September was a stupidly short time frame to be
looking to close a school when the end of term is this Thursday SO they've
given us a whole extra term until the beginning of Jan 08 to find places for
all the kids that will be displaced by the closure,

Thats it fight over...we have no where left to go. We've taken our fight as
far as we can. I've lost count of how many consultations periods we've been
through and and council meetings called. Luckily I had the foresight to find
a school to provisionally book a place for Jordan should this happen and so
from September he will be attending there.

I don't think it is fair to leave him in Danesmore for the last term and
move him half way through a school year. He's been through 9 months of
uncertainty with which he has coped brilliantly and his school report (which
I received last Friday) showed just what an outstanding effort he made
passing all his SATS with flying colours and surpassing the standard
expected for children of his age(Proud parent alert I shall be blogging his results on my BLOG, blog later). BUT it would be unfair to let it continue.
I am not the only parent with this train of thought and know of a few other
children from Jordan's class who will be moving with him.

So I''d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that listened to me
rant signed our petition and/or sent messages of support all of which were
well received.

It's been hard going and I've now got 3 more days to get
through before the end of term, which I'm sure will bring many more tears
before they're over as I've got his final school play tomorrow morning and
and a leavers party Wednesday, I think I'm going to miss some of the kids as
much as the blonde kid will!!

16th Jul 2007, 18:39   | tags:,,,

FilbertFox says:

sorry it didn't work out. I am sure Blond Kid and the others will settle in their new school(s), but it's a shame they have to

16th Jul 2007, 21:22

Bummer :(

Sorry you couldn't change things

16th Jul 2007, 21:24

Essitam says:

We tried and thats the most important thing. I could never have just sat back and watched this happen and as tired as it made me, and as upset as I got sometimes I wouldn't do anything different if i had to do it over!

Jordan is happy, and he knows we tried our best, he is ready to change schools now because we've prepared him for it, in fact he's quite looking forward to making new friends so thats the main thing....if he's happy I'm happy (even if i will end up in tears on his last days)

16th Jul 2007, 21:36

JokerXL says:

Big thumbs-up to Jordan!
"sterkte" to you all.

16th Jul 2007, 23:04

DocD says:

Well done 4 all da hard work - are you sure it can't go to Education Secretary or to the High Court for a judicial review?

16th Jul 2007, 23:43

Essitam says:

We're sure, we have exhausted the appeals process and ourselves in the process!!

To be honest to drag it out any further would be unfair to the kids...and it was for the kids we were fighting so to take to the point where it would begin to effect them is really counter-productive to what we were trying to achieve in the first place.

I'm happy with what we've done I personally feel like I could do no more.

16th Jul 2007, 23:52

Dhamaka says:

well done
and I'm sorry

17th Jul 2007, 08:19

Viv says:

shame - but sure it will all work out ok

17th Jul 2007, 13:35

minkey says:

I'm really sorry. Seems the last few months have been difficult on more than one front. Hopefully the future will be brighter :-)

17th Jul 2007, 17:13


17th Jul 2007, 21:25

paintist says:

you have given the blond kid a very good idea about how important you think school and his happiness is, I think he will be happy wherever he goes knowing that youthink his education is so important....shame tho

19th Jul 2007, 18:28

Essitam says:

Thanks P....

p.s check you mail end of this week beginning of next,,,,

19th Jul 2007, 18:53

MaggieD says:

Agree with P, Jordan should do well wherever he goes, he has one of the best advantages in life, you and James .... I am so sorry that your campaign did not succeed, but you have done, IMHO, the best thing for him ..... Hope the last few days of term had some positive things that you can all take away with you .... I still laugh at Jordan's zombie outfit .... wishing you all the very best .......

19th Jul 2007, 19:17