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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

The copyright on these photographs belongs to me.
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I got a Nikon camera

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I love to take a photograph
17th Jul 2007, 21:02   | tags:,,,


what's that strange red and yellow box?

17th Jul 2007, 22:17

nige says:

hahaha. nice one D40 boy!

17th Jul 2007, 22:21

Dhamaka says:

nice shot and congratulations!

17th Jul 2007, 22:21

minkey says:

Youpii :-) Para is correct what's yellow, pink and square (sounds like a Coluche joke... fro le schmilblik)

17th Jul 2007, 22:52

harimanjaro says:

Nige, the D40 rocks, but it means I won't be getting a DP1 this year, even if Sigma release it this year.

Dhamaka, thanks, I don't think I'm going to regret this purchase.

Hobo, Minkey, the yellow/pink/schmilblik thing is integral to the picture, there's a musical link there.

17th Jul 2007, 23:39

heuro says:

What a nice suprise. I imagine that 99.99% of kids today think kodachrome is the name of a medication... Have you tried ektachrome, perhaps velvia, sensia?

17th Jul 2007, 23:43

harimanjaro says:

Velvia and Sensia sound like brands of condoms to me. Actually I always used to be a Fuji man in my film days, but Fuji wouldn't have cut the mustard for THE MUSICAL CONNECTION THAT NOBODY SEEMS TO HAVE NOTICED YET!

17th Jul 2007, 23:46

hildegard says:

Ah, you give us those nice bright colours... :)

17th Jul 2007, 23:47

harimanjaro says:

And Hildegard's there!

17th Jul 2007, 23:48

simon and carbuncle?

18th Jul 2007, 11:31

harimanjaro says:

Well, I could be pedantic and say it was a Paul Simon solo effort, but I'm in too much of a good mood for that.

18th Jul 2007, 11:38

but, just as pedantically, didn't it appear on a S&G; album? (Bookends)?

19th Jul 2007, 11:17

harimanjaro says:

Not according to Amazon, but it is on Concert in Central Park so that counts.

19th Jul 2007, 11:22

Caine says:

Congratulations! It suits you. :D

19th Jul 2007, 20:54

harimanjaro says:

Thanks Caine, I plan to wear it a lot.

20th Jul 2007, 09:19