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Vodafone are lying bastards - AGAIN!

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After taking away my bundled MMS without telling me (see here), now they've taken away my bundled data without telling me (they claim they sent a letter, but I never got one), and want me to pay a pound a frickin' day instead! That would increase my line rental by 200%! As mentioned on the post linked above, the only reason I'm with them is 'cos of that multi-way monthly allowance of texts+data+mms. I bloody never send texts (9, last month), yet I get a billion of those free - why can't I have a few MB of data too? It's not like I use loads of it, just a bit of browsing and the odd moblog email..

Say what you like about Orange's customer service (and there's a lot to be said, most of it cross and sweary), at least they had the decency to stick with the deal you originally made with them.

If I could afford it (which I can't), I'd leave Vodafone. This, frankly, is a piss-take of the highest order.
19th Jul 2007, 15:16  

Joe says:

That's low...There isn't a mobile network that I like (I'm banned from Vodaphone and O2, but thats another story) but Orange would never claim to send a letter and not actually do it...I've noticed a marked increase in the quality of the Orange Customer services recently.

19th Jul 2007, 15:21

afternoon says:

They're all as bad as each other, definitely.

That said, T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk might be a better fit for you?

19th Jul 2007, 15:27

Electric Sheep says:

I don't do contracts. I like being Freeeeeeeee. My data rates are pretty decent per MB too for checking email and i'm rather prolific with txts.

19th Jul 2007, 15:27

mat says:

Web'n'walk blows, or at least it did last time I looked. Plus t-mobile's talk plans all suck (for suck, read 'are expensive'). I don't need a data plan (I can't afford a data plan), I use like 2MB a month, if that.

Which is why the deal I had with Vodafone was so good - it was a little bit of everything, all for under £20 a month. Exactly what I need (well, way more than I need), at the price I wanted to pay - and they STILL make money off me, I'm a very, very, low user. Now I'm paying just what I was paying last month - but for less stuff. Yay! That's totally fair and reasonable. Imagine if you went to the pub and all your drinks were 50ml short - but the same price. Woo!

Cross cross cross cross. And this time - tied into a the contract (although from VF's perspective, that contract seems to be as watertight as a wet fart - but I'll put money on them calling the lawyers if I break my end of the deal) for another eight months! Joy.

19th Jul 2007, 15:34

OJ says:

That is low. Orange were also lying bastards the last time I looked.

They've broken their contract with you haven't they, so surely you should be able to walk away whilst telling them where to stick it. Of course, it's probably a world of pain to do...

19th Jul 2007, 16:39

mat says:

Am now on vodafone's 120MB a month data plan, no charge. Still not happy though. I don't appreciate having my contract changed underneath me, without giving me notice.

19th Jul 2007, 17:42

Dhamaka NLI says:

they tried to do that with me last year. After about 4 months of fighting I got my old contract back. This year I've got them down lower, but I'm a very high user so might have more negotiating power

19th Jul 2007, 17:45

Electric Sheep says:

Surely you can't change a contract without notification, or at least agreement of the change in terms? Not saying yes or no is not justification to go right ahead.

19th Jul 2007, 17:51

Dhamaka still NLI and going back to work now says:

apparently changing the contract is also in the contract... and how do you prove that you didn't get one of their (arguably fictitious) letters?

19th Jul 2007, 17:57

mat says:

I read the contract. They can change the terms, but only if they notify you 14 or more days in advance. They have failed to notify me, both times.

That's still not the point though - imagine if you bought a new car, then Ford came over to take away the leather seats after six months, saying that they were now part of a different package and you'd have to buy that one as well.

Also, Vodafone, worst hold music EVAR. Some whiny jangly crap record on loop, randomly interspersed with periods of white noise (well, probably pink noise, but hey). I suggested they use their telecoms knowledge to set up a selectable hold music system: "You are on hold, press 1 for whiny indie crap, 2 for classical, 3 for jazz, 4 for classic rock, 5 for electro, 6 for nosebleed techno or 7 for METAL" Or something. It remembers your settings, tied to your phone number, and in between tracks (not in the middle of), it apologises for the wait, and offers you an option to change the style, and tells you roughly how long you have left to wait.

19th Jul 2007, 18:01

mat says:

D - you don't need to prove anything. I find the question "Are you calling me a liar?" usually has the desired result. No customer service person in the world would dare answer yes to that.

19th Jul 2007, 18:03

Steve says:

Press 6 three times for Metal!

19th Jul 2007, 19:14

Kostika says:

I must be a super fluke. I've been with Vodafone for 6 years and have not even once had a single problem with them.

Of course even if I did have a problem I'm stuck with them. They're the only provider with enough coverage in the wilds. Vidafone is the only mobile network that works out here.

19th Jul 2007, 21:12

JokerXL says:

I use t-mobile's "Flex" system.
And I'll renew in September when it runs out, which says a lot.

19th Jul 2007, 21:59

540air says:

I left vodamone a few months back after Alfie sold me on the idea of 3. I have to say I still think it's a great service and the best I've come across by miles. £40 a month gets me 750 minutes, 150 texts and unlimited data (1Gb per month). I've tried to use all my allowance, but failed miserably and my monthly bill has gone from £120+ a month to £40 :)

20th Jul 2007, 10:36

Spike says:

im not goingt o comment on what i get as a tarrif, im just glad i dont work in customer services! and pretty much never speak to customers, been there, done that!! ill just stay with the network team!

20th Jul 2007, 10:39

katecapper says:

Get a free o2 chip from the internet. It doesnt charge me to send pictures to my moblog.

24th Jul 2007, 08:51

shark says:

I left Vodafone because they took away my inclusive text and data. I'm now with 3. It's fine.

(£17.50 a month would get you 250 minutes, 50 texts, and 10MB of data)

31st Aug 2007, 03:24

no phone says:

Vodafone sent my phone off for repair and sent a completely different one back. I can't use it as I don't have the right back, battery, or media card. You can't phone the shop. Vodafone can only leave them voicemail. There is no customer service, only grief. Surely a breach of contract when the phone's under warranty?

13th Dec 2007, 12:00

grunpy says:

My experience with vf web n walk is that it is pritty pants for what you pay. I dont use texts and no one has the number as I have never used the sim in a phone only in a dongle however vf keep messaging me on my GUI saying I have texts from peeps guess this is just them trying to get me to use the text function or slap it in a phone and run up a big bill for overpriced line rental. Anyhows I am supposed to recieve 3.6 mbps (up to) I have never recieved more than about 500kps I get dropped when I am on online games(if I actualy manage to get on any with my super high ping) whitch then gets me banned or punk busted cause they think im hacking. When I brought the product I was assured that I would have no probs playing online games and now im stuck with a pritty useless piece of equipment that I have to pay another 16 months for.

Saying that I will prolly just stop the dd and send the dongle back with a covering letter stating that they have not kept up their end of the deal pritty sad situation but these big comms companys need to learn who is boss being as we pay the wages!

23rd Apr 2008, 13:44