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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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HESFES: Boat Yard

factotum says:

beautiful use of colour throughout the series, but # 5 is my own favourite, because of the composition of lines.

23rd Jul 2007, 15:01

OJ says:

Lovely series. Stormy skies combined with the oversaturated colour are quite dramatic.

23rd Jul 2007, 15:31

seaneeboy says:

Fantastic the lot of them - it's the over saturated colour that does it for me too, with super clarity.

23rd Jul 2007, 15:49

OJ says:

The green water shots are my faves. Closely followed by the sky in number 2 - because you can't fake that in photoshop. Well, I'm sure you can enhance it, but it looks natural...

23rd Jul 2007, 15:52

taniwha says:

You've gotten so many good 'uns from this trip. I like this set.

23rd Jul 2007, 17:15

Essitam says:

Thanks for the HL!!

OJ no not faked I stood out on the jetty and watched those clouds building.... the only thing photoshop was responsible for was resizing and in some instances messing with e contrast and colour balance, but not a lot!!

The last one is the exception that took a lot of playing to get the red boat red, it is it's original colour but by the time the clouds had finished making the sky look like it was the end of the world there was only a very dull natural light so the boats were entirely in shadow!

23rd Jul 2007, 17:32

Essitam says:

oh and thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

23rd Jul 2007, 17:32

randomamy says:

i love these photos. they make me feel like telling stories...

23rd Jul 2007, 18:14

Dhamaka says:

they're all lovely but #1 and #4 for me

23rd Jul 2007, 21:27

Caine says:

These are *fantastic* shots. Grand drama in them all. I can' t pick a fave.

23rd Jul 2007, 21:54

FilbertFox says:

them boats in the top one are kissing. Lovely pics my dear

23rd Jul 2007, 21:59

I love how they've all got that worn-in look to them. Great shots.

24th Jul 2007, 01:58

chocolate says:

these are great!

30th Jul 2007, 13:07