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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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My new hair.

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It's BLUE!
30th Jul 2007, 21:14   | tags:,,,

Ooohh :)
I was just thinking at work today how Id quite like blue hair, its not too in your face but its nice and different.
Salon or home all over the bathroom/self jobbie?

30th Jul 2007, 21:42

Essitam says:

Home jobbie....

L'oreal 100% Blue Black however Live Colours do a nice colour too! They also do a nice black cherry purply black which i was torn between when choosing this one!

30th Jul 2007, 21:47

spongevid says:

oooh that's nice!!!!

30th Jul 2007, 21:51

Essitam says:

YAY VID......

....fancy seeing it in person(if it hasn't faded to washed out blue black by then), say one evening next week, maybe monday for muchos grub at the Imperial???

30th Jul 2007, 21:55

spongevid says:

oooooh that sounds like a fab plan! I have a whole week to starve myself for it too! I shall pencil it in my diary! hehe!

are you going to le gig tomorrow?! I might make an appearance if my mate decides to come!!

30th Jul 2007, 22:00

Cool beans, mines red at the mo so I dont think putting blue on top is a good idea! Plus last time I tired ( a year or so ago) it went all black!
L'oreal is ssooo good for bright colours,makes my hair so shiny :)
I wasnt that impressed with Live - my red faded ssoo much when I used it.
Tho reds a bastard for fading anyway!

30th Jul 2007, 22:02

Essitam says:

Of course I shall be there and ever so slightly inebriated....

Some of us are going to Zenna's before hand for food and drinks for my friends Al's birthday, Then off to the Goose and thats all BEFORE arriving at the Varsity thank god I have Wednesday off work before the Hare and Hounds gig (yes I'm pathetic I'm going to both)...

Screw your friend if she doesn't make up her mind it'll be her loss come anyway!!!

AND woot to Monday!!

30th Jul 2007, 22:04

spongevid says:

oooh the Goose, I do like it there! I shall most prob give you a text tomorrow before I head out if I end up a billy no mates again then :-) hurrah!!

ooh also what time does is it kicking off the Varsity?! for some reason I have it in my head its from 8....

30th Jul 2007, 22:06

Essitam says:

Vid - Hurrah, you can join us early in the Goose if you like.

WFC, the best Red i ever used was called bLonde. the colour came pre-mixed with bleach and it worked FANTASTIC

I used to dye my hair black then put streaks straight over and it took everytime but then they changed the formula and it stopped working so good, I've yet to find one taht matches up!! :-(

Would love the red streaks back in the black!

30th Jul 2007, 22:09

MaggieD says:

Ace pic like the colour ..... :)

30th Jul 2007, 22:30

Dhamaka says:

ahh... here it is in big!!
I like the colour too

31st Jul 2007, 06:23

Rick says:

Nice pic. Great colour hair, and I like the detail in your eye!

31st Jul 2007, 08:17

seaneeboy says:

Lovely, steph!

31st Jul 2007, 10:06

goonflower says:

Fab :) But what do Them At Work have to say about it?! *runs*

31st Jul 2007, 12:37

FilbertFox says:

suits you sir

31st Jul 2007, 19:49

Viv says:

looks good

12th Aug 2007, 10:15