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The Great Outdoors

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Featuring: other dogs! new people! new smells!

but best of all... ...the river!
31st Jul 2007, 15:57   | tags:,,

Electric Sheep says:

Jesus dog walks on water!!

31st Jul 2007, 15:58

OJ says:

And that man lying down right in my path with a camera. Again. Does he want me to scamper right over him? I think he does.

31st Jul 2007, 15:59

hildegard says:

Yay Lemmy! So darned cute...
He looks as though he's in a model village in the last shot...

31st Jul 2007, 16:28

kozika says:

aww, *Kawaii* Lemmy~
So cute eyes.

31st Jul 2007, 18:44

nige says:

hey man, Lemmy has been kept amazing clean throughout all of this. kudos.

31st Jul 2007, 19:12

Sprocket says:

He does look rather gigantic in that last shot - like the giant kitten in The Goodies.

31st Jul 2007, 19:34

mat says:

Thanks nige, but I don't really do much about that. Lemmy gets brushed once a day, for about two minutes; and he grooms himself catstyle, but the main reason he's so clean is his Remarkable Non-Stick Coat. Dirt just drops off it as soon as it dries.

Getting burrs out of it can be a bit tricky though.

31st Jul 2007, 19:38

White Fluffy Clouds says:

Just wait until he discovers the joys of rolling about in poop!

31st Jul 2007, 20:38

Salome NLI says:

i yam giant! raaa!

1st Aug 2007, 13:53

swamprose says:

he likes water. that's important if he lives near it.

I am telling annie about the catstyle cleaning routine. she can learn.

2nd Aug 2007, 06:21

boet says:

Lemmy is growing fast !

2nd Aug 2007, 07:48

alicat9 says:

Almost sickeningly cute - how does he manage to look so damn clean? I would like some of his dirt resistant coat ;)

5th Aug 2007, 18:47

arianna(arianna-at-manx-dot-net) says:

arrrrrre he is so cute. so his name is lemmy. i wish i owned him. oh well he is still cute. he is so white and furry. i like the pictures aspesily the one were he is by the river.

26th Dec 2007, 00:34

Kawaiigurl says:

Is that an eskimo!!?! I used to have one just like that!! But then she got lost

6th Dec 2010, 23:58