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spot metering, part deux

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first shot exposed for highlights (metered off the bright spots on the
walls), second spot metered for shadows.

7th Oct 2004, 19:13  


DarkCryst says:

very nice.

Good illustration of the capabilities of the phone.

How do you change that on the phone?

15th Nov 2004, 16:28

mat says:

There's a setting which either shows a crosshair in the middle of the viewfinder (for spot metering on) or not (for area metering).

It's easy enough to use, I tend to leave it on spot metering, because then you can get shots like this one

15th Nov 2004, 16:38

DarkCryst says:

ahhh.. I wondered how you did it without seeming to have moved the camera thats all.

Or is the top one with metering off and I'm just being clueless?

15th Nov 2004, 17:19

mat says:

Here I quote myself: "first shot exposed for highlights (metered off the bright spots on the walls), second spot metered for shadows."

I think I had the crosshair either side of the shadow line running down the wall just below where the rail attaches.. The holly bush shot posted before this one is spot vs. area metering comparison, this shot is spot exposure for shadows/highlights comparison.

15th Nov 2004, 17:37

DarkCryst says:

Ah ok. I did think this was spot all the way.. but I couildn't see where you metered it for both without moving it.

All clear now.

I just got one of these you see... so was wondering if I had missed the secret "shake my hand while turning clockwise and I shall tell you how to do this" option..

15th Nov 2004, 20:24

DarkCryst says:

Oh on that note... happy to help on the phone review front...

15th Nov 2004, 20:27

mat says:

Neat little things, aren't they. I'm well chuffed with mine.

15th Nov 2004, 20:27

DarkCryst says:

VERY nice things.

Before it got stolen I had a z600, and I was very impressed with that.

This however is simply one of the best phones I have used, period.

Early reviews have said the line quality isn't that great.. but I guess that was an early firmware bug.. because the reception and sound are top class (tho the speaker could be louder and of a higher quality.. but thats a REALLY minor niggle).

15th Nov 2004, 20:31

Alfie says:


remembers losing P910 and sits, chastened, in the corner.

15th Nov 2004, 20:32

mat says:

Mine crashes from time to time, but then most phones do. I don't have 'edit' functionality on images, and the rotate function doesn't work properly. I think mine is on pretty early firmware, as I got it pre-release. Call quality is usual SE fantasticness.

The speaker is pretty good considering how tiny it is, you just have to feed it the right music. Boards of Canada go well, Rotterdamm Terror Corps do not.

15th Nov 2004, 20:53

DarkCryst says:

aww man Alfie, you lost a P900?

I feel for you, those are nice (if LARGE) baby's.

yeah, don't get me wrong Mat, the speaker is great.. jsut tends to distort with much bass volume. Then again as you said.. its TINY.

15th Nov 2004, 21:34

mat says:

It was MY p910 he lost. But he's forgiven, 'cos he got me an S700 instead. : )

15th Nov 2004, 21:36

Alfie says:


and it wasnt lost, it were nicked!

15th Nov 2004, 21:44

DarkCryst says:

oooo man owch to both of you.

I know the feeling tho, having had my z600 stolen from me... the bastards.

15th Nov 2004, 21:51

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