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Rich has a moog theremin, Wesley has his throat.

Our house is so peaceful.
7th Aug 2007, 17:25   | tags:,,,

Alfie says:

Rich looks so funny theramining. Mat, I can't seem to get sound on any of my players - totem/VLC both give the video but no audio, do you know of a fix/alternative? (this is a 3gp thing I think)

7th Aug 2007, 17:32

mat says:

mplayer might work. I think it's in the package tree these days, but if not, google it. There's a known issue with AMR audio (as often used in 3GP video encapsulation) and linux, although afaik, it's only impossible on 64bit systems.

if mplayer won't do it, it's probably not do-able. mplayer is the greatest media player for any platform, imho.

tbh, the video is almost certainly funnier without the audio. :)

7th Aug 2007, 17:38

Alfie says:

ah craps, since your running 64bit it's fine for you of course - yes, mplayer dont work neever - I assume the issue with AMR is that it's a proprietary closed format? Ill see if I can't find something through Automatix, cheers.

ed - and yeah, incredibly funny without audio.

7th Aug 2007, 17:41

Electric Sheep says:

Working for me on teh mac... :)

Rich is overlord of the clangers me thinks.

7th Aug 2007, 19:36

Alfie says:

in a wonderful Irony, frickin real player for linux plays AMR. Still funny with audio, although it's Rich's strangely beatific shaved child-like face contorting as he 'mins which really makes it.

7th Aug 2007, 21:33

Sir Findo Gask says:

I'll go clean the Guinness of my monitor now...

7th Aug 2007, 21:42

hildegard says:

Yep, definitely the Dark Lord of the Clangers.
Poor Wesley... those are very polite "release me" noises though...

8th Aug 2007, 10:49

paintist says:

hahaha...with and without the audio its the funniest thing I have seen for ages :-)

8th Aug 2007, 18:49

Steve says:

Wesley might well get snapped up by a band if he continues with his spot on impression of a theremin

12th Aug 2007, 12:07