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27th Aug 2007, 22:48  


harimanjaro says:

Well no, because I rolled a 5.

27th Aug 2007, 22:52

well I'm not playing that game...

27th Aug 2007, 23:09

540air says:

With a pink dice? That has to bring some luck :)

27th Aug 2007, 23:29

pink AND fluffy... this could be the start of a new cycling trend...

27th Aug 2007, 23:46

Meeble says:

You are all so right!!! Pink is the aboulute best color ever. I love the color choice.

28th Aug 2007, 00:49

silar31 says:

Good luck tomorrow para, I'll be thinking of you!

28th Aug 2007, 04:07

minkey says:

x fingers...

28th Aug 2007, 07:36

pandairo says:

hope it all goes well :D

28th Aug 2007, 08:28

swampdonkeys says:

love you x

28th Aug 2007, 11:07

harimanjaro says:

I've got everything crossed for you.

28th Aug 2007, 13:49

Viv says:

course you feel lucky (for once!) :)
Hope all went well

28th Aug 2007, 20:50

540air says:

Hope it all went well dude :)

29th Aug 2007, 00:50