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Why always on a Friday??

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The doofry-ferkin isn't letting enough schlurge through to the shakkataker,
Which isn't good.
JokerXL out'n'about
31st Aug 2007, 16:36  


kyoob says:

looks like you braked too hard,

*gets coat*

31st Aug 2007, 16:53

MaggieD says:

Oh dear, it's no wonder that the cab looks so sick (in fact it looks like it is leaning forward and is about to throw up) .... wishing he/she a speedy recovery .....

31st Aug 2007, 17:04

Teh granny mangle has become disconnected from the weasel sprocket, that's the problem..

31st Aug 2007, 17:27

hildegard says:

Oh bother. Although it does look like it's about to do something cute & Transformerish...

31st Aug 2007, 18:01

Dhamaka says:


31st Aug 2007, 18:15

Sprocket says:

I'm with Hildegard, it's about to change into Optimus Prime.

31st Aug 2007, 21:31

Caine says:

Oh no. There's no such thing as a good time for this type of thing. Hoping it gets well soon.

1st Sep 2007, 00:11

silar31 says:

I rather think the peedle valve might have come loose from the galiptigazoink, but hey, what do I know from trucks? ;)

Hope you got sorted OK Joker!

1st Sep 2007, 15:26

JokerXL says:




1st Sep 2007, 17:31

paddington says:

Did you check the sliding bracket hinge on the crenelated camshaft follower?

2nd Sep 2007, 12:58

JokerXL says:

Told 'em that, they said "don't be so stupid and get the coffee's in"

2nd Sep 2007, 17:45

paddington says:

Well, you could have tried the return spring on the barrel locking nut retaining plunger.
Or was that on a gun that H.M. loaned me?

3rd Sep 2007, 15:42