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Buskers for OJ

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Another Stockport stop-off. It's a slower pace of life down there...


Spiderbaby says:

Yay! Hooray for medieval busking!

31st Aug 2007, 23:32

swamprose says:

this is not something we have to deal with in north america. should I be grateful?

31st Aug 2007, 23:38

Spiderbaby says:

No! You should be sad. These look like English or Flemish bagpipes and they have a really lovely sound. A lot quieter than the (more recently evolved) Scottish variety, with a lovely buzzy tone. You can get recordings but they always sound better live as you can feel the buzzyness of them.

31st Aug 2007, 23:45

hildegard says:

They were very good. Brisk, toe-tapping & melodious. Those pipes are nothing like the Great Highlands for volume either.
Although I am presently listening to a LastFM stream tagged "bagpipes" so there may be bias. ;)

31st Aug 2007, 23:46

crickson says:

Swamprose> Please can I apply for asylum?

31st Aug 2007, 23:46

swamprose says:

if I was in charge of things..!!!!

have they heard of electricity? light bulbs?

31st Aug 2007, 23:51

Hey! You know you love it really!

31st Aug 2007, 23:53

hildegard says:

C'mon Swamprose, you must know of the existence of electric bagpipes. Bagpipes are awf'ly popular with a certain section of metal bands too. Admit I quite like them turned up to 11...

1st Sep 2007, 00:28

Joe says:

I once went to a house party in Sheffield (with Distinctlyaverage) where the Northumbrian pipes got played (very well I might add) it was ace...yay for buskers (especially ones playing obscure dark aged instruments) :)

1st Sep 2007, 01:13

hildegard says:

This lot have all the obscure instruments you could wish for - there's more of them at home, it seems;

1st Sep 2007, 01:15

Viv says:

I love the sound of the medieval instruments

1st Sep 2007, 01:19

silar31 says:

Anyone who doubts Don's Celtic heritage (he's English and Irish and Scottish..and undoubtedly his French blood comes from Brittany) just needs to see his reaction to live bagpipes - he freezes in his tracks and it's hard to get him moving again. We have quite a few bagpipe CDs. :)

1st Sep 2007, 01:34

MaggieD says:

Love that pic, and yes, yay for medieval busking :)

1st Sep 2007, 02:21

hildegard says:

Glad they're liked.
Silar - you have me imagining Don as some kind of bipedal pointer, coming to an abrupt halt & fixing hapless pipers with a hard stare until you can drag him past... ;)

1st Sep 2007, 10:11