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The Story of Bottled Water

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And yes, I do always make sure he's not in there before I press "start".
I have to.


Judo-Jule says:

that is a wonderful picture. stupid cats! ;-)

9th Sep 2007, 13:42

hildegard says:

If only he was stupid - he's a dangerous combination of high cunning & complete idiocy. He's not 6 months & he's already figured out how to open all the doors in the house. By contrast, he had to be hand-fed chicken until he realised the funny stuff in his bowl was the same delicious treat...

9th Sep 2007, 17:46

Jane Doe says:

This is just feline propaganda now! Stop it! Do you plan to assimilate us all?

9th Sep 2007, 18:11

hildegard says:

Told you - they're the Borg in furry suits. We don't stand a chance...

9th Sep 2007, 19:06

Jane Doe says:

I think i may as well throw in the towel and get a dog too, while I'm at it...

9th Sep 2007, 19:13

Caine says:

Kittens and clothes dryers, a natural combination. ;D

9th Sep 2007, 19:57

hildegard says:

That's the wash machine, we don't go in for top-loaders so much over here. I was putting stuff in, he was trying to nest on top. Fortunately the drum bearings are nice & smooth so the hamster wheel quality put him off.
JD - yes, yes, yes.

9th Sep 2007, 21:29

minkey says:

What a great pic :-) We knew you'd be assimilated :-) Still resisting here
and Yes JD Dog :-)

10th Sep 2007, 11:01