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Sex With Robots @ Roadhouse 11_09_07

great shots as usual man! i shot my first gig last night - incredibly low light though so a lot of wasted shots as i only currently have a f/3.5 lens! arse!
going to get a f/1.8 prime in a few days methinks.
how did you set your flash in these shots - the illuminated ones look really good :]

14th Sep 2007, 09:30

yeah - prime's are best n low light -

on the static shots i shoot at 800 iso on the widest ap with the flash on 1/64 or 1/32 bouncing off the ceiling.

with the others - i do exactly the same (otherwise i point the flash directly forward) and put it on a shower shuter speed and move the camera while i took the photo.

i do it all on manual - so i could learn from mistakes. although you could use aperture priority and see what that gives you

good luck!


14th Sep 2007, 09:43